Ian announcement from Lega Serie A this June will maintain the organization of the current championship with 20 teamsdenying the intention of Inter, Milan, Juventus and Roma will reduce to 18 teams the Italian domestic championship.

“Lega Serie A approved today, during the Assembly held at its headquarters, its political document containing proposals for the reform of Italian football. The current format of 20 teams for the Serie A championship has been confirmed”, informed the entity.

Theo celebrates goal against Roma in Serie ARICCARDO ANTINIAMIEFE

They were 16 votes against 4 in the decision on the possible restructuring of Italian football. Only Inter, Juventus, Milan and Roma voted in favor of reducing the championship which would have made their calendars easierusually completed by European competitions.

However, the vast majority of teams, including many others with European commitments, such as Napoli, Lazio, Fiorentina or Atalanta denied the possibility instantly.