Age verification for porn?

The Canadian Press – | History: 462603

A Senate bill that would require Canadians to verify their age online before accessing pornography is making its way through the House of Commons without support from the Liberal government.

Independent Senator Julie Miville-Dechêne, who sponsored Bill S-210, says it is difficult to understand why 133 Liberal MPs voted against the bill on Wednesday, as other parties agreed to send it to a committee for further study.

A spokesperson for the Canadian heritage minister told The Canadian Press earlier this year that the government was working on its own approach to dealing with online harms, and the Senate bill overlapped with its work.

Quebec Liberal MP Anju Dhillon made similar comments last month when Bill S-210, which passed the Senate in the spring, was first debated in the House of Commons.

Dhillon says the bill is closely tied to the government's ongoing work to ensure a safer online experience for Canadians, especially children and youth.

Pornhub is fighting the bill, saying that any regulation that requires sites to collect significant amounts of highly sensitive personal information will put user safety at risk.



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