NOr the authoritarian ways that Brazilian delegation leaders have when doing their work at home and in other countries are new, something that has already been seen several times in Conmebol tournaments. And on this occasion, with the headdress and clothing of the Brazilian Football Confederation, several men created a problem of great magnitude.

After it was given the historic victory of the Colombian team over Brazil 2-1, the first in the history of the South American Qualifiersthe press room of Metropolitan Stadium He was preparing to receive the protagonists of the meeting. Although, The intention of the leaders of the visiting delegation was to position a ‘backing’ of their sponsors in an inappropriate locationbecause for reasons of rights and regulations it is the headquarters of the local federation.

Well, the discussion that took place between the aforementioned guy and logistics personnel, agents from the Colombian Football Federation and local authorities ended in blows and a Colombian being hit on the ground. All of this was recorded by journalists and cameramen waiting for the Brazilian players to leave.

Scandal and fight at the Metropolitano after Colombia vs. Brazil

In the videos that went viral, screams can be heard in Portuguese, while They try to explain in Spanish that it is not allowed to place the element with advertisements and sponsors of the Brazilian team in that location.. But in addition to there possibly being a communication problem because it was another language or a product of the visitors’ defeat, it is clear that the CBF agent is very upset and excited.

A person wearing a green t-shirt, clothing brand of the Colombian Football Federation and with a shield on their backtries to explain to people with Globo TV logos (holders of broadcasting rights for Brazil) that they did inappropriate things and engaged in various behaviors against the Conmebol protocol:

They are doing things… They put her on the field and couldn’t do it, they already did

But at that momentThey look like other people with dresses and headdresses, who would be security guards for the Brazilian team delegation., according to the newspaper El heraldo de Barranquilla. Adding the following:

The delegation’s bodyguards verbally attacked logistics and FCF members, hitting one of them until he was taken to the ground, where he was rescued in the middle of the fight.
Several police officers had to intervene to prevent the situation from escalating further.

In the continuation of the images you can see that There are several characters from the CBF who overloaded the members of the logistics company hired by the local Federation and they push whoever gets in their way. It all ended with another FCF character, wearing the same green shirt as his teammate, on the ground and surrounded by the aforementioned Brazilians.

Fortunately, the police arrived to put an end to the problem and Then, attention was given to the media by coach Fernando Dinizfirst with official ‘support’ and then there was exclusive attention to the Brazilian media with the element of discord.


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