MANILA, Philippines – The Supreme Court (SC) will consider the case of Benigno Agbayani Jr., the doctor who died in prison serving a one-year sentence for reckless imprudence.

“Let's check what really happened there. We can't just say that. What we will do is review the records from the trial court to the Supreme Court,” said Chief Justice Alexander Gesmundo on Wednesday during the CJ’s Meet the Press.

(We will look into what really happened there. We can't just say baseless things. What we will do is analyze the records from the trial court all the way to the Supreme Court.)

“Apparently… there were some lapses made by the lawyer. I think this is the root cause of the problems that have arisen,” he said.

A petition was circulated online for a judicial review after medical groups spoke out about alleged irregularities.

“Whatever the result, we can give instructions or rules so that this situation does not happen again,” said Gesmundo.

(Whatever the outcome, we can create instructions or rules to prevent this type of situation from happening again.)

Agbayani, an orthopedic surgeon, was convicted based on a complaint filed by his lawyer, a patient who had an infection after undergoing arthroscopy, a surgical procedure for joint problems.

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Agbayani did not ask for pardon or parole. In his diary, he said pardon and parole would mean admitting guilt that could be used as a precedent in future cases against doctors.

He died of a heart attack last October.

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