A girl told Santa she didn't want to sit on his lap and his response went viral.

In a TikTok video shared by Florida mom Katie Love, the influencer filmed her three-year-old daughter Adley visiting Santa Claus at the Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne in Miami. In the clip, which has been viewed 2 million times since it was posted this week, her daughter said “no” to Santa when asked if she wanted to sit on his lap.

During the holiday season, it is customary for children to sit on Santa Claus's lap, pose for photos and say what gifts they want for Christmas. However, when Adley firmly established her boundaries with Santa, he praised her ability to communicate exactly what he wanted.

After witnessing the moment in person, Love asked Santa to repeat his expert answer so she could share it with the world. “This is her body and she is in control of her body,” he told the camera. “I asked her if she wanted to sit on my lap and she said no, and I said, 'A way to defend yourself and a way to say what you believe to be true.'”

He continued: “You can't even let Santa Claus – if Santa says, 'Do you want to sit on my lap?' If you don't want to, you say, 'No!'”

In the caption of the video, Love thanked Santa Claus for respecting her daughter's limits. “That response was [fire emoji],” she wrote. “Thank you, Santa, for respecting my daughter's choice and even applauding her for it!”

Thousands of other TikTok users rushed to the comments section to applaud Adley and Santa for putting their own spin on a decades-old holiday tradition.

“We love a polite Santa,” commented one TikToker.

“I love this,” said someone else. “There is no reason to pressure her into feeling uncomfortable to take a photo.”

“I completely agree with this,” said a third user. “Kids can totally have limits.”

Meanwhile, others shared similar experiences with their local Santa respecting boundaries.

“In my local mall, children don't sit on Santa's lap, they just sit next to him,” said one person, while another commented: “My daughter saw Santa once and didn't sit on his lap. I love it when children’s voices are respected.”

The Independent reached out to Love for comment.

Last year, Washington's parents, Matthew and Aurelian Bourdeaux, went viral when they shared their reasons for “refusing” to lie to their daughter about Santa Claus' existence. The couple said they want to take an “honest” approach to fictional characters such as Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, and “don’t want to participate in global gaslighting.” They insisted they were not “taking away” any magic and instead asked their nine-year-old daughter Helena if she would like to play “pretend” and pretend the characters were real.

“Parents don’t have to tell any of their children that Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy are real – why would I participate in this large-scale global gaslighting?” said Matthew. “Before adopting our son, we researched parenting and thought about the potential psychological impact lying could have.”

“We decided we would never deceive her – parents don’t need to tell any of their children that this is real. It has normalized lies and group deception, it doesn’t need to be part of society.”



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