IThe political situation experienced in recent weeks in Spain It has its impact on all possible levels and places. In this case it comes with an artist in full concert. It’s about Samantha Hudson what’s explored in the middle of this to leave your opinion on what is happening.

“Go “Dedicated to those of us who are on the good side of history, because Spain is not just one thing, dear.”guaranteed what was done on the networks provoked an almost instantaneous reaction when these words are known. In fact, on the social network ‘X’ began to accumulate several thousand ‘likes’.

Samantha Hudson on her show. /’X’

Of course, Samantha Hudson continued with her reflections on the subject. “So much that they talk about identity politics, what if the gay lobby, what if trans people… What is more identity-related than thinking that Spain is one and not 51? Spain we are the sissies, the lesbians, the trans, the non-binary, the poor, the precarious, the crazy, the disabledSpain we are the immigrants, the illegalized, “Spain we are whores”, He expressed this without mincing words.

From his private platform, he released a final sentence that defines the tone with which he had already expressed himself to make clear his version regarding everything that is happening in the political spectrum. “And we are. We are not Pedro Sánchez, nor Yolanda Díaz, nor anyone else. The politics of the street lived. The squatters lived. Long live the mother who gave birth to us,” she concluded.



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