Amid ongoing discussions surrounding the film'Animal,' actress Batra Salonswho portrayed Ranbir KapoorIn the film's sister reacted to the controversies surrounding it. Several scenes from the film created controversy on the internet and people can't stop talking about it. Although some feel the film was full of violence, many also say it was misogynistic.
Saloni was asked during a conversation with Pinkvilla if she found any specific scene in the film to be offensive to a woman. Her response clarified her perspective as an artist and the experience of being part of such a significant film. The actress emphasized the excitement of being associated with a project with an esteemed cast and being part of a substantial cinematic venture.
Regarding the controversial scenes, Saloni shared his point of view, highlighting the importance of recognizing the film as an entertainment package and not as a vehicle to convey specific lessons or messages. She articulated her belief that while certain films and documentaries were intended to impart knowledge, 'Animal' was primarily aimed at evoking emotions, entertaining, making the audience laugh and awakening various feelings.
Saloni refrained from judging the film's characters or scenes, attributing his perspective to watching it as part of the storytelling and entertainment experience. She expressed reluctance to critically evaluate the content, given the excitement of being part of such a significant film project.
Despite polarizing opinions and controversies, 'Animal' directed by Sandeep Reddy Wanga maintained its dominance at the box office, surpassing impressive milestones. The film crossed Rs. 200 crore mark abroad and a whopping Rs. 700 crore gross worldwide in a short span of time since its release.



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