That's it RajKapoor99 years birth anniversary today and he is deservedly called 'Show man'of Indian cinema. With a long list of iconic films as an actor, director and producer, he remains etched in the memories of the public and the industry. Today, on his birth anniversary, he is fondly remembered for his laugh and on-screen personality. While several fans and celebrities wish him,Saira Banu wrote a long note on this occasion. She talked about kapooris relating to Dilip Kumar along with some rare photos and a video.
The actress wrote, “To describe the bond between Dilip Sahib and Raj Ji as mere friendship would be an understatement; they shared a sibling-like love. They sought solace in each other's company, exchanging secrets that remained unknown even to their own family.” members. Raj Ji and Sahib supported each other until the end.”
She revealed that Kapoor would persuade Dilip Kumar to get married and also attended his wedding. She shared a rare, unseen video from their wedding. “Not many people know this, but back when Dilip Sahib was still single, Raj Ji used to encourage him to get married, he would say “Shaadi Kyun Nahin Karta” and later laughingly add, “Jis Din Tu Shaadi Karega, Ghutne Ke Bal Chal Ke Aaunga Tere Paas”, and my God, like a great friend, he lived up to his words on the day Dilip Sahib and I got married. I still remember how he reminded Sahib of this incident, saying 'I didn't tell you that I would go down on one knee the same day you get married. I am doing this for you, thank you for getting married,' said Saira.

Dilip Kumar almost choked when he went to see Kapoor in the hospital and lay unconscious due to cardiac arrest. “When Raj Ji had a cardiac arrest, Sahib flew abroad for a felicitation, he immediately flew back to Delhi and rushed to Apollo Hospital to see Raj Ji, came close to him and said, “Raj, wake up! I brought the 'Khushboo' from Chapli Kebabs. Let's stroll around the bazaar like we used to, enjoying Kebabs and Rotis. Stop acting; take me to the courtyard in Peshawar.” Choking with emotion, tears flowed as he spoke to his unconscious friend. They were indeed the best of friends until the end. Remembering Raj Ji on his birth anniversary with lots of love and affection, “, revealed Banu.
Dilip Kumar worked with Raj Kapoor in Mehboob Khan's 'Andaaz'.



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