ANDthe dream of Audi it's from Carlos Sainz began three years ago with the presentation of the most complex car the world has ever seen. Dakar: the RS Q e-tron hybrid. A story that now reaches its final chapter, the last danceThe last shot.

He challenge It's still as complicated as the first year, but having demonstrated several things along the way. The electrified prototype is a fast car (it won stages and led the Arab race), reliable -there were more accidents that limited their options- and with a lot consistency to aspire to victory. The sole and definitive objective of its three pilots.

Victory is the goal

“It's the third year, could be the last and all the enthusiasm and desire of the Audi team is there,” he explains. Carlos Sainz before a large representation of the press that supported Madrid – with its inseparable Lucas Cruz– a few days before leaving for Saudi Arabia. A trip with a single objective: “If I continue to run the Dakar it is because I think I can win it”. There is no room for doubt.

Sainz and Cruz, together with Nacho Gonzlez, communications director at Audi Spain, at the presentation ceremony.EN/BRAND

If I continue to race the Dakar it is because I believe I can fight for victory

Carlos Sainz, Audi driver

Although the Matador had to deal with the recovery from vertebral fractures which he brought back from the last Dakar, he considers that he is as fit as any other season in which injuries were not a factor. “I am fine, I managed to recover wellwe managed to work thoroughly and I have no sequels“, he explains, making it clear that it will not be because of the physique: “Out of curiosity, I will tell you that At one stage I have between 140 and 165 heartbeats for four or five hours, which are quite high. But you not only have to get out quickly, you have to keep it.”


But more than the driver's form or the evolutions made to the car, at Audi they are optimistic for a factor that they claimed since its launch. “I I complained from the first year that racing with a car 100 kilos heavier and with less power was impossible. It was like hitting a wall. I was clear from the first minute and now telemetry has proven me right. We were given 15 kW ms (20 CV), we still have another 100 kilos but now it compensates a little and we will be more on equal terms and without having to take those risks to try to be with them. Hence the accidents in the last edition: “In the Dakar if you take risks, sooner or later it will turn against you.”

We trust that this year the circle will close and that we can have a clean Dakar

Carlos Sainz, Audi driver

The conclusion of all this is the most hopeful phrase of all those spoken by Sainz today in Jarama: “It's the best Audi of three years, as it could not be otherwise. Last year's suspensions gave us headaches and we created a more efficient and comfortable car In this aspect. But it's such a complex car that new things always emerge. It was not an easy year, especially in Morocco, but we trust that These tests come full circle and that we will be able have a clean Dakar“.

10,000 messages recorded in the car

Audi Spain I especially wanted to cover his pilot in this edition with a special initiative: the 'Positive Energy' they will give you support messages written by fans and who will visit the arena in Saudi Arabia, since all of them (more than 10 thousand) are engraved on the body of the Audi RS Q e-tron.

Messages like the one from Carlos Sainz Junior or that of his daughters, who excited the normally imperturbable Matador to the point of being About to make you shed some tears when they were read to them.

Detail of some of the messages that decorate Sainz and Cruz's Audi RS Q e-tron.

Detail of some of the messages that decorate Sainz and Cruz's Audi RS Q e-tron.EN/BRAND

“When I encourage Carlos, I always tell him that I'm hanging on your spoiler pushing. So I am convinced that this This will push us when it is difficult to climb a dune a little more,” he said.