Nor is it a procedural match for Barça. The defeat against Girona meant that much more is at stake in the visit to Belgium than the 2.8 million that UEFA gives for a victory. With first place guaranteed barring a catastrophe, Xavi encourages his team to recover the sensations lost by the famous construction of his project. Seven changes compared to the eleven in the last games, including that of young Héctor Fort. Surprisingly, Lewandowski didn't rotate, he wasn't going to travel and ended up as a starter.


Fifth consecutive game for the goalkeeper who, until now, made up for Ter Stegen's absence with flying colors. But he wasn't good at all in the first goal. He gave a very risky ball to Oriol Romeu, who had his back to the marker. Part of the 1-0 is his fault.


The big surprise of the eleven. Under 17 international for Spain. He makes his debut for Barcelona and does so as a starter. In Champions. Nothing more, nothing less. It's not an easy company. And in the first action, he failed to beat his pair. Little by little he becomes more vocal.


Return to center back. It probably would have run if it weren't for the accumulation of problems in defense. Without Araujo, and after the terrible game against Girona, he doesn't lead the defense as he should. Problems defending Janssen.


Without Marcos Alonso and Iñigo Martínez, he was left without competition on the left side of the defense. Try to give clarity when the ball comes out. He caught a very complicated ball that could have been the second.


Fixed until very recently, his weight in the team was reduced to the point of being an undisputed substitute. He seems especially active, tackling repeatedly, though with no luck so far.


He returned to wearing shorts after being medically discharged. And he does it as a midfielder, in a position that is his natural position, but it is not where he has accumulated the most minutes in recent seasons. He started on the left wing and joined Oriol in the middle to try to give him more possession of the ball.


He missed badly on the first goal, which could affect his already shaky confidence. In attack, Iñaki Peña's pass was extremely poisonous. With rival's back and poorly profiled, but Oriol reappears in the photo.


Another one joining the team. Usually repulsive, he returns to the starting line-up after four matches away from the starting team. Something hasty, but with enthusiasm. Very participative, looking for solutions in the center and combining on the wing with Lamine.


It doesn't have the freshness of the beginning of the season, but at least it doesn't hide it. Very aggressive in pressing, he caused Butez to make a mistake when throwing the ball that almost cost Antwerp the goal.


Played in a band and not as a '9'. Lacks prominence. Little participatory. Barça exploits Lamine's right wing more.


He wasn't even going to travel and ended up starting. A decision by Xavi, to say the least, surprising. The Pole, who is not at his best, drops excessively in search of balls that don't reach him.


He made seven changes compared to the typical eleven over the past three days. The ownership of Fort Héctor is his big bet, demonstrating once again his courage in using the quarry. However, Lewandowski's strange episode takes the focus away from his eleven.