• Ilya Sutskever, OpenAI’s chief scientist, appears to have played a key role in bringing down Sam Altman.
  • According to Bloomberg, the two sides have often clashed over differences in limiting the potential harm to humanity from artificial intelligence.
  • As The Atlantic reports, Sutskever once burned a wooden effigy to show his commitment to safe artificial intelligence.

Ilya SuckewOpenAI’s co-founder and chief scientist once burned a wooden effigy to show his commitment to creating artificial intelligence in line with humanity’s interests, The Atlantic reported.

According to Bloomberg In the report, Sutskever frequently clashed with CEO Sam Altman over differences in limiting the potential harm of artificial intelligence to society.

Greg Brockman, former CEO of OpenAI who will now join Altman at Microsoft, said in: Post X it was Suckever who told Altman he was being fired.

Altman’s dramatic takedown appears to have been driven by concerns about the pace of artificial intelligence development, with Sutskever taking center stage.

The New York Times also reported that Suckewer created “Great alignment“team at the company to ensure that future versions of GPT-4 will not be harmful to humanity.

That commitment was showcased earlier this year outside management headquarters, two people familiar with the event told The Atlantic.

The newspaper reported that Sutskever commissioned a local artist to create a wooden effigy depicting an “unaligned” artificial intelligence.

To symbolize OpenAI’s commitment to creating artificial intelligence in the best interests of humanity, Sutskever burned its effigy, reports The Atlantic.

OpenAI was founded in 2015 as a security-focused nonprofit with the goal of bringing balance to artificial intelligence labs at tech giants like Google.

Four years later, it became a limited-profit company and received a $1 billion investment from Microsoft.

The unexpected success of ChatGPT upon its release late last year has fueled greater interest in generating profits. This month, OpenAI announced a GPT store that will allow users to earn custom GPTs.

But 11 days later, Altman was fired. OpenAI said he “was not consistently honest in his interactions with management, which hindered his ability to perform his duties.”

OpenAI did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s request for comment made outside U.S. business hours.



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