Find the truth behind the real Trahedya Sa Antique video. Know the facts, debunk myths and stay informed about the tragic accident.

Trahedya Sa Antique, a harrowing incident involving Vallacar Transit bus accident has hit the Philippines.

Despite a misleading viral video, the true events took place on December 13, 2023. Find out in the following article.

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Find the Truth: Trahedya Sa Old Real Video

The Trahedya Sa Antique bus crash, a devastating incident in the Philippines, gained widespread attention.

Furthermore, this was due to a viral video that claimed to show footage from inside the bus during the tragic event.

The video quickly accumulated more than 71,000 views on Facebook, sparking debate about the possible causes of the accident.

The first video to circulate online, apparently depicting CCTV footage from inside the falling bus, added a shocking visual element to the narrative.

Despite its graphic nature, local police and news stations confirmed that the video was not genuine, the actual dash cam footage having been corroded and becoming unusable following the accident.

The misleading video, although demonstrably inaccurate, became a viral sensation, provoking public alarm and sympathy.

Furthermore, it fueled debates about the exact causes and the possibility of preventing the tragedy.

Trahedya Sa Antique: Misleading video sparks debate on bus accident and liability. (Image source: Facebook)

The main topic of discussion was whether Vallacar Transit or government infrastructure was to blame.

Some claimed that bus maintenance costs had been reduced, while others pointed the finger at the lack of safety barriers on the highway's most dangerous bends.

However, none of the claims had a solid factual basis.

Numerous media outlets, including Philippine national news networks and local old news stations, continue to cover the case.

Meanwhile, government investigations are ongoing.

Social media profiles are actively managed by Vallacar Transit Inc., which provides official comments and reactions.

The tragedy highlights the need for responsible conversations, increased safety protocols and updated infrastructure to prevent such accidents in the future.

However, it was triggered by a misattributed viral video.

Update 2023: Tragedy in old accident

The Trahedya Sa bus tragedy continues to be remembered as a tragic event in recent Philippine history as of 2023, which has sparked discussions and updates.

The Provincial Antiquities Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office, as of the latest update in 2023, confirms that the accident, which occurred on December 5, 2022, claimed the lives of 18 people.

The conditions of survivors continue to be closely monitored, with some showing signs of improvement while others remain in critical condition.

The impact this incident has had on the affected communities is immeasurable, with questions persisting about the factors that led to the deadly collision.

18 lives were lost in the Trahedya Sa bus catastrophe and survivors were found. (Image source:

The circumstances behind the accident were thoroughly investigated by ongoing investigations, which went beyond initial theories of brake failure or unsafe driving conditions.

Although the exact cause is still unknown, authorities stress that a deep understanding is crucial to avoid similar catastrophes in the future.

Media outlets, both local and national, remain committed to providing updates on the progress of the investigation.

Local old news stations like dyRI Antique Radio and GMA TV-2 maintain their commitment to providing timely and accurate information.

Philippine national news networks, including ABS-CBN News, CNN Philippines, Philippine Daily Inquirer and GMA News, provide synthesized analysis as the investigation unfolds.

In conclusion, despite all these years, the Trahedya Sa bus accident serves as a sobering reminder.

Furthermore, he emphasized the need for continued efforts to raise safety standards and ensure accountability in the transportation industry.

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