Wyears upon arrival of Real Madrid The Leipzig play the first leg of the Champions League round of 16. Due to the strike at Leipzig airport, the white club had to reschedule your trip to avoid a closure that would prevent you from fulfilling your pre-game planning. Instead of the direct flight to Leipzig, The Real Madrid plane landed this Monday at 11:38 am in Erfurt. From then on, the men of Ancelotti they had a bus trip of more than 160 kilometers how close it came to ending in tragedy.

“At the A4 highwayin between Eichelborn and Nohraa white Toyota suffered a collision with the Madrid team's bus. The car driver missed the bus when changing lanes and the outside mirror broke. The Toyota Avensis suffered damage worth around 3,000 euros. The scope of Damage to Real's bus still unclear. After a brief stop, fortunately everyone involved continued without suffering any accidents”, explained the German newspaper Photographthat broke the news of the white bus accident.

Fortunately, from inside the Real Madrid bus, where the white squad and the technical committee traveledThey did not feel the collision and were able to continue their journey without any problems: “A fan who, while recording in his car on the bus, got lost, lost his steering wheel and bounced. We didn't find out. The people on the buses behind us saw it.”they claim BRAND from the white club.

At around 2:40 pm, Real Madrid finally arrived at the team hotel, the Steigenberger, located in the center of Leipzig. On the driver's side of the bus, at the height of the double axle, clear scratches were visible from the impact he suffered with the fan's car.