veteran actor Ranjeet, known for his iconic villain characters in Indian cinemarevealed that despite his on-screen persona, he is a teetotaler it is a vegetarian.
In an exclusive conversation with ANI, Ranjeet said, “Even today I don’t even smoke… I don’t know the taste of non-veg… and I’m not a priest, but I know how to cook.”
When asked about the characters where he was often seen with alcohol and meat in his hands, the 'Reshma and Shera', the actor said jokingly: 'What bone, what skeleton? It used to be a whole leg of goat and all that kind of stuff, but that also created a big problem later on.
The 82-year-old veteran actor also shared the challenges he faced while filming scenes, which included real meat. He recalled instances where the strong smell of lamb remained on his body, even after showering and using cologne.
“…I got tired of it. Even after taking a shower at night and spraying cologne, my body still smelled like mutton. Now, with the goat in front of the den and Bindu ji and Helen ji dancing, I had to put up with the odor. Despite After the air conditioner was turned on, the air still stank as the mutton was burning all day. Ranjeet shared.

Ranjeet recalls the incident where he made Kapil Dev's sister-in-law uncomfortable because of his negative on-screen characters

“One day, I approached the art director with my dilemma. I expressed, 'I have a significant problem. You created such a realistic setting… Can't you replicate a chicken or a goat?' The art director agreed and made it with Plaster of Paris. I advised my producer not to include a real goat anymore due to the high cost and advised them not to order it from tomorrow onwards,” he added.
Despite acknowledging the challenges in the industry, Ranjeet remains steadfast in his craft. Whether in leading roles or cameos, he adds depth to each project, earning the admiration of colleagues and fans. His five-decade journey attests to his unwavering dedication.

From menacing villains to nuanced characters, his versatility defines Hindi cinema. Classics like 'Sharmeelee' 'Namak Haram,' It is 'Laawaris'show your talent. His imposing presence and unique voice captivate generations, consolidating his legacy.
He was also seen in supporting roles in 'Housefull 4' (2019) and 'Welcome Back' (2015).