Actor Rajkummar Rao is actress PatralekhaaThe love story has the enchanting quality of a fairy tale. The couple, known for their commitment to each other, recently made a spiritual visit to Mahakal Temple in In your fingersoffering prayers and creating buzz on the internet.
A video capturing their serene moments during the visit quickly went viral. This couple, deeply connected to their religion, appeared in traditional costumes, immersed in prayers and offerings. Rajkummar and Patralekhaa, who enchanted the audience with their on-screen chemistry, further demonstrated their devotion to each other and their faith during this spiritual moment.
Watch the video here:

The duo, celebrated as one of Bollywood's favorite couples, initially shared the screen in the 2014 drama film 'City lights.' Their on-screen romance received a lot of praise from fans.

In an interview earlier this year, Rajkummar Rao fondly recalled the moments that led to their love story. He vividly remembered seeing Patralekhaa in a TV advertisement and being captivated by her beauty, wishing to marry her someday. The two officially met in 2010 during a shoot in Pune where their romantic journey began to unfold.

Rajkummar recalled their initial interactions and how Patralekhaa, initially nervous about the shoot, was comforted by him. At the same time, Patralekhaa mentioned watching Rajkummar's film 'I love sex and betrayal' and finding it a bit peculiar.

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However, during the trip to Pune, she realized that Rajkummar was the one who admired her in the TV ad. Their love story was filled with charming conversations and serendipitous moments. He further remembered Patralekhaa's revelation about her appearance in that advertisement, and this gave him the feeling that this is all part of the plan of the universe.



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