Ray He was a great football player. World champion in 1994, also in the Libertadores and Intercontinental, which Cruyff's Barcelona suffered, he arrived late in Europe. He did this at PSG, although there were many other big clubs interested in him. There he spent five years, where he became an idol. Now He returned to Paris with the position of ambassador. But not from 'his' PSG, but from the other team in the city, Paris FC.

L'Equipe tells the story of how The Brazilian decided a year and a half ago to embark on a risky but exciting project. Pierre Ferracci, president of the Ligue 2 club since 2012, was clear after consulting Arsne Wenger. It was reported and it became known that Rai, who had just stopped being sporting director at São Paulo, wanted to live in Paris again. There was a proposal and he liked it. “I was intrigued by the idea that he might be interested in us and not in PSG, when a few years earlier he had become the fans' most beloved player, ahead of Pauleta and Ronaldinho,” he says.

Rai was attracted to the dynamics of Paris FCwhose training and training center was opened in 2019. “I quickly understood that he wanted to participate in a project for a second Paris club in Ligue 1”, confesses Michel Denisot, former PSG and Rai coach, with whom he maintains a good relationship . relationship: “We are the only European capital that does not have two teams at the best national level. Despite PSG's scale, Paris remains a small football city.”

At PSG, everything is already prepared. I love this side where there is still a lot to build, to experience.

The Brazilian did some work for PSG, but more in an honorary role, nothing serious. At Paris FC they gave him a specific role. “At PSG, everything is already prepared. I love this side where there are still many things to build, to experiment,” he says. She was seduced by a project with different conditions, such as the human training of young people and a female team with the same working conditions as the male team..

Rai, with the Paris FC shirtGETTY

For example, he was heavily involved in approving the free-to-play home games policy implemented by the PFC since the beginning of November: “This validates my first impression: It's a club that dares, that learns to think about football in a different way.“, he argues.

From his position, far from the field of play, but not without commitment, he intends to remain involved beyond the three years mentioned after his arrival. “I feel like part of the family and I want to see the fruits of our labor“.

The question is who he would support in a hypothetical Ligue 1 clash between PSG and Paris FC. His response shows that he continues to love the first, but that he also loves the second: “One day, with my father, I went to watch a match in which two of my brothers faced each other. he told me that “I supported the team on the right and the same in the second half”.