AAlthough it appears that the case Daniel Sancho was entering into the last details to be polished and that the surprises would not appear again, a new unknown once again takes a turn 180 degrees to everything surrounding the events that took place August 5. Many wondered if the son of Rodolfo Sancho and Silvia Bronchalo He could have committed such a murder without anyone’s help, as this theory seems to open a new front and with a possible third person.

As the whole story began in early August and would be a notorious case, some of the questions were: why did the young chef What if he could get someone’s help to dismember Edwin Arrieta in 14 pieces, The only thing that is known is that he confessed to being the author of the events. However, the family spokesman, Carmen Balfagn I already asked him in the first few days.

“I’m sure he was accompanied. Dismembering a corpse takes a long time,” he said. In fact, he denied the version of events: “They say it can only take three hours if someone is helped… It is absurd that part of it is taken to sea and the rest is not taken. “If you rented a kayak and dumped the entire body, it would never have been discovered.”

Could Daniel Sancho have acted with help?

Despite this, quickly, the second of the Thai police, Big joke, It was he who denied these words and categorically stated that Daniel Sancho was the only perpetrator of the murder and that no other person was involved. This led to a change in the family’s strategy, so as not to contradict or disrespect the authorities of the Asian country. But a few words from the police chief Koh Phangan, Panya Niratimaon They caused the third person issue to be reactivated.

The officer assured the police that ‘Let’s see’ that the confessed killer did not fly directly from Spain to Thailand, but rather from “another country other than Spain and possibly accompanied by another person”. Journalist lvaro López expressed that “They tell us they can’t tell us more. We’ll see that at the trial.”

Therefore, this theory could give a radical turn to the case andI know that someone else’s participation would be essential whether Daniel Sancho was the real culprit in the murder of the Colombian surgeon. Let us remember that the young chef is accused of three crimes: premeditated murder, hiding the body and taking the documentation of Edwin, of which only one of them was found guilty.


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