Brosnahan joins a proud lineage of actors who have played Lois Lane, from Dana Delany (in “Superman: The Animated Series.” Delany only had her voice to play Lois, but her sharp, wisecracking tone was a perfect fit) to Erica Durance (in ” Smallville”, arguably the most aggressive and sexy Lois), to Amy Adams (in the now-buried DC Extended Universe – even though those films never knew what to do with her).

Of course, the gold standard of Lois Lane is still Margot Kidder from Christopher Reeve's “Superman” films. Kidder's Lois is a damsel in distress, sure, but she's also a perfect verbal sparring partner for Clark and Superman. Kidder had the aggression that Brosnahan describes; you can't be a good investigative reporter if you always put up with bullshit. This attitude is also vital to Lois' dynamic with Clark. Notice how in 1978's “Superman,” from the moment the two meet, Lois is perplexed and enchanted by Clark Kent's goofy seriousness — opposites attract, even though Lois tries to deny it.

As for “wonderful,” I’m sure that was Brosnahan joking about Mrs. Maisel. Now, “extremely clever” – a recurring Superman joke is how Lois can't tell that the two men she's falling in love with are the same, especially since Clark disguises himself with just glasses and a look of insecurity. Will Brosnahan's Lois pick up the pieces on her own? I hope they don't do away with secret identity kidnappings entirely (one flaw of “Man of Steel” and its sequels is that Lois only knows Superman, not Clark Kent), but we'll wait and see.

“Superman: Legacy” is scheduled for release on July 11, 2025.