John Laporta could have directly interfered in the sporting decisions of the Xavi Hernandez and his technical team at FC Barcelona.

The president of Barça, according to reports 'Esports RAC1'asked his coach to include Lewandowski, Gündogan and Araujo in the team's squad for the Champions League game against Antwerp.

“I can confirm from my side that Joan Laporta asks Xavi Hernández to change the call”He explained Joana Maria Pou.

In 'You Will Say' by RAC1 They described this request from Laporta as “interference. One thing is the coach and another is the president, and the president doesn’t need to do anything on the calls.”

Xavi Hernández recognizes the change in the squad

These three players would initially not be included in the squad, as would the player himself. Xavi Hernández recognized at press conference.

“When I say we are under construction, I don't mean it takes time…”

“The change was due to the travel itinerary. Many players preferred to travel. So we are together, we work together”, explained the Barcelona coach.

Xavi Hernández tries to justify the change in the call: “The president, Deco and I are not going different paths”

As for the reason for these changes, Xavi Hernández sought to reinforce the authority of his coaching staff while trying to give the club an image of unity.

“Yes, yes, we've already decided. Which groups? Well, the team, the president, Deco, the club. We're not going in different ways, that is, it's us and we're talking to the players because we were doing another night and that changes a lot”, he explained.

“If Laporta calls up, Xavi doesn’t paint anything else”

Raúl Varela shared his opinion on Rádio MARCA about the news from RAC 1 that Joan Laporta demanded the presence of these players on the list regardless of what Xavi had initially thought.

Varela says what he thinks (12/13/2023)

“An unprecedented interference that leaves the coach in a very bad situation, very affected by the bad results and the worst explanations that yesterday, in fact, did not improve when analyzing the defeat to Girona with greater pause,” he said.