Running out of power on the go is something we really shouldn't have to worry about in 2024, and if you have the right power bank, you won't have to. These things used to be limited to just recharging a phone, but nowadays you can charge entire laptops – and in the case of the Anker Prime 20K power bank, you can quickly charge two of them at the same time.

This power bank would normally cost around $130, which is a lot even when you consider how useful these devices can be. But if you order yours today, you will only pay $90 – a price that is only available for a limited time. Unfortunately, we don't know how limited this is, which means we suggest ordering now to avoid missing out entirely.

When it comes to features, this power bank has them all. It has a large 20,000 mAh capacity and a pair of USB-C ports, both rated at 100 watts. This means they can simultaneously power even the largest laptops with ease, and all in a super-small design. There's even a 65-watt USB-A port for those times when you also need to charge an older device.

Charging the backup battery can be done via USB-C at up to 100 watts, or if you opt for the version that includes the charging base, you can simply disconnect the battery and recharge it in about an hour without having to plug it in. . This dock also doubles as a charging station with an additional USB-A port and two USB-C ports, making it an ideal option for your desk. There is also a discount on Amazon, with $45 off regular priceif you prefer to get the full charging setup.

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