Dhak Dhak, a film about four women's epic bicycle expedition from Delhi to Leh, is currently making waves on an OTT platform. And now, producer Pranjal Khandhiya reported that work has already begun on the film's sequel. Introducing Ratna Pathak Shah, Dia Mirza, Fatima Sana SheikhIt is Sanjana Sanghithe dynamic girl gang could embark on an unforgettable trip to Barcelona in the next edition.
“A story like Dhak Dhak is a rarity. The film has so many challenges and hence no one has been able to make such a film until now. But now that we've done it successfully, it only makes sense to take on the next challenge. Every character in Dhak Dhak deserves a spin-off. Furthermore, we kept the sky hook wanting to go to Barcelona open in the first half. We have already started working on the idea for the sequel. There are some thoughts that Tarun (director Tarun Dudeja) and I discussed. We are certainly taking the world of travel further,” Khandhdia he said.
The producer also hinted that the sequel could keep the original four female characters or possibly introduce male characters into the mix. “But then, it's a question of how we move the story forward. However, the public will certainly be part of this journey. Dhak Dhak will not stop at Khardung La. The journey continues,” he added.
Khandhdiya does not like the term 'women-centric' films and is hesitant to label Dhak Dhak as such. For him, the essence of a film lies in a compelling story that entertains. He firmly believes in the power of good writing to boost a film's success.
“The public today is mature and can understand the story that is about to come. Thus, any story that excites the audience with a new concept becomes attractive. With this belief, we choose our subjects wisely. We are not averse to subjects that feature male characters. In fact, our story selection is gender neutral. It turns out that in today's world women are much more experimental and multi-layered and therefore these characters become attractive. All four characters of Dhak Dhak are real,” he said.

'Dhak-Dhak': Dia Mirza, Ratna Pathak Shah, Fatima Sana Shaikh, Sanjana Sanghi and others appear in style at the film's screening

Putting together a film with an ensemble cast like in Dhak Dhak is a big challenge, the producer highlighted: “This is one of the biggest reasons why Bollywood doesn’t see many ensembles. In our case, it was not just a regular ensemble, but a complex cast of four women from different age groups, social strata and backgrounds. We were clear about not compromising on age as the character Mahi (Ratna Pathak Shah) is 65 years old. We wanted to cast a genuine senior actor. We knew that no actor would be ready to take the risk. But there was Ratna ji who showed confidence and we were lucky to have her. Three other casts were so good that when we approached them as they were our first choice they promptly said yes. He also shared that the biggest challenge lies in releasing a film and not in the filming process itself.

Meanwhile, Khandhdiya is also thrilled to be joining the actress Taapsee Pannu in production. It highlights your collaborative efforts, using your skills, knowledge, and networks to create meaningful content. “Friends who become business partners have the comfort of calling the other person and finding out the best,” he said.



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