Prince Louis is once again going viral for his usual antics.

On Monday, December 11, the Prince and Princess of Wales' YouTube channel released a video of Kate and their three children, Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, eight, and Prince Louis, five-year-old, volunteering at a baby bank, where Louis embraced his younger brother's energy.

The video showed the children and Kate sorting toys at a baby bench in Maidenhead, close to their home in Berkshire. The video was shared in honor of Kate Middleton's children's bench awareness campaign for the Royal Foundation. Center for Early Childhood.

Charlotte, George and Louis walked into the baby bank carrying boxes of childcare essentials, and Kate informed her children that they were “volunteering” for the day. “There are a lot of people here who give up their time and there are a lot of volunteers who come to help,” she told them. “As you are tonight’s volunteers.”

At one point in the video, Louis was seen excitedly holding a toy gorilla and saying, “that's a big guy,” as the point of inviting them was for the kids to choose toys that other kids their age would like. playing with. “What we would like you to do is try to pick out some gifts for some kids the same age as you, so think about what you would like to play with,” an employee told the children.

During a fun moment later in the video, Kate and Charlotte were seen folding clothes into small piles as Louis threw more and more clothes on top of the pile without folding them.

Kate was also seen telling her eldest son how each of the Christmas gift bags they packed will be donated to children in need. “All these bags are donations, so we have to sort them and put them in all the boxes,” she told George.

Despite the five-year-old's antics, many viewers praised the couple's children for their polite behavior during the outing. “Louis is becoming such a polite young man, obviously because of his brother and sister,” wrote one viewer, while another said: “It's so lovely to see Princess Catherine bringing her children to work and showing them what volunteering is all about. and charity. . She explains every step to them, they listen beautifully to the other volunteers, and even little Prince Louis wants to come back to help. This is raising the next generation in a positive way.”

This isn't the first time Louis has pulled a funny stunt. Last week, the youngest of Prince William and Princess Kate's children tried to blow out Princess Charlotte's candle during a special Christmas Carol service at Westminster Abbey.

Princess Charlotte, who usually keeps both brothers in line, couldn't help but laugh at Louis.

During the Queen's Platinum Jubilee pageant in June 2022, Prince Louis quickly became the star of the show again as he made funny faces at the crowd and laughed with his brothers. At one point, Louis started making faces at Kate, including sticking out his tongue and picking his nose.



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