Primal Survivor Season 9 Episode 6 is what the fans are waiting for! After the last episode of the show delivered tremendous adventures, fans can’t wait to know what Primal Survivor Season 9 Episode 6 brings to the screens next.

Primal Survivor is considered a gripping television series that aims to show viewers the most challenging and remote corners of the world. The fifth episode took the fans on a journey into the Arctic region.

Here, our survival expert and host, Hazen Audel, demonstrated his amazing skills. We witnessed how he loved to navigate one of the harshest environments on Earth. In this post, we will delve deep into the thrilling episode and explore the strategies, hardships, and triumphs Hazen showed in Primal Survivor Season 9 Episode 5.

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Recap of Primal Survivor Season 9 Episode 5

In this episode, Hazen Audel found himself within the Arctic Circle, where the wilderness presented a different set of challenges compared to the previously visited jungles and deserts.

Primal Survivor how many seasons
A still from the show. (Credits: Nat Geo)

The Arctic, with its below-zero temperatures, barren landscapes, and cold winds, can push the most seasoned survivalist to their limits. The last episode began with Hazen Audel as he discussed his survival strategies in the Arctic.

He emphasizes the importance of maintaining body heat and energy in such an environment. Throughout the said episode, we got to see how he employed various techniques to achieve these goals. One of the key survival tactics Hazen tried to employ was building a shelter. We all know how, in the Arctic, shelter is a matter of life and death.

Audel builds an ingenious snow cave. This shields him from the biting winds apart from trapping heat. This allowed him to conserve energy. Audel uses flint and steel to create sparks and ignite a fire.

He then showed viewers how to increase the intensity of the flames, even in low temperatures, by using dry tinder and firewood. He also crafts an improvised snowshoe from sticks. This allowed him to traverse the deep snow more easily.

Additionally, he also constructed an ice fishing rig and demonstrated how to catch fish in freezing waters. This actually provided a source of nourishment. The episode showcases the relentless cold, fierce blizzards, and the constant struggle to find food in a desolate environment.

Audel is forced to endure even more difficult conditions, emphasizing the unpredictability of survival in such a harsh landscape. Viewers witness Audel’s sheer determination as he faces these challenges head-on. We see that his ability to adapt to multiple setbacks is what makes the show great.

Primal survivor china
A still from the show. (Credits: Nat Geo)

As the episode came to an end, we got to see Hazen catch fish, sustain a fire, and even manage to find edible plants in the barren terrain. Hazen’s connection with the indigenous people of the Arctic region is also a central theme in the episode. He learns from their traditional knowledge, further highlighting the importance of respecting and preserving the wisdom of native cultures.

Primal Survivor Season 9 Episode 6: Release Date

Primal Survivor Season 9 Episode 6 will be released on Monday, September 11, 2023, at 3:00 PM EDT in the UK. The fans from the UK will only be able to stream Primal Survivor Season 9 Episode 6 via the National Geographic channel while the fans from across the world will be able to stream Primal Survivor Season 9 Episode 6 at the hours we have listed below, which they need to match with their local area timings:

  • Pacific Time (PT), United States: 12:00 PM PT.
  • Mountain Time (MT), United States: 3:00 PM MT.
  • Central Time (CT), United States: 2:00 PM CT.
  • Central European Time (CET): 9:00 PM CET (next day).
  • British Summer Time (BST), United Kingdom: 8:00 PM BST (next day).
  • Singapore Time (SGT): 3:00 AM SGT (next day).
  • India Standard Time (IST): 12:30 AM IST (next day).
  • Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT): 6:00 AM AEDT (next day).

How to watch Primal Survivor Season 9 Episode 6?

Primal Survivor Season 9 Episode 6 will air via the National Geographic channel for UK fans and watchers, while fans from across the globe will need to get a subscription for either of the two apps named Disney+ or Hulu. Hulu will be available for around $7.99 for the basic monthly pack.

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