Finally introduced after arriving at Corinthians, defender Gustavo Henrique did not hide his happiness at signing Timão.

February 12
– 13:43

(update at 1:43 p.m.)

The featured defender Gustavo Henrique does not hide his joy at signing with Corinthians: “I didn't think twice.”

Photo: Rodrigo Coca/Agência Corinthians/Esporte News Mundo

Finally introduced after arriving at Corinthians, defender Gustavo Henrique did not hide his happiness at signing Timão.

The player revealed that it was a very quick situation and he did not hesitate to close the match with a black and white player.

– Everything happened very quickly, there was contact from Corinthians and I didn't think twice. The trust they have shown, I hope I can repay it. The fans can expect a tough guy, I have played in the arena many times and there is a nice atmosphere, you can expect a lot of commitment and professionalism. I will sacrifice myself to make it work. When I went to Flamengo, there was a survey by Corinthians and Palmeiras, but I ended it in Flamengo. But this time it was completely different, playing for Corinthians is a calling and you can't refuse, he said.

The defender also dismissed any negative situation due to pressure from the club, which is struggling with relegation at this point in the Paulistão season.

– There will always be pressure. I think they are the two biggest fans in Brazil. I try not to focus on social media, but during and no matter the pressure, Corinthians fans support me from start to finish,” he said.

Like him, coach António Oliveira also got his first chance in the São Paulo team. And the coach comes for Gustavo to add and praise the new commander.

– He came with great enthusiasm, like me, this is a great opportunity he has in his career. We realized he had a lot of knowledge, he did a great job and I hope he repeats that here. I like to play with three defenders or a four-man line, but we will be solid defensively to help in the search for results, commented the defender.

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After long preparations at Corinthians, in addition to the work he did before arriving in Timão, Gustavo Henrique has stated that he is 100% physically fit and ready to play.

– I feel 100%, I played and trained in Valladoid. When I got here they found out I had a muscle imbalance and they came to an agreement with Valladoid to pay me my salary during that time. I feel prepared, I am 100% ready and I hope to help the Corinthians, he said.