Preity Zinta who is rarely seen in films now but continues to remain in people's hearts with all the lovely films she has done, has now issued a clarification on a name. According to Preity, Wikipedia, Google and many media publications say that her name was Pritam Singh Zinta earlier, which she later changed to Preity Zinta. However, there is no truth to this.
The actress released a video and said that she did it just to clarify to people that her name was never Pritam Singh Zinta. She was always Preity Zinta and after she got married, she changed to Preity G Zinta. She added that her husband's name isGene Goodenough. Since 'Goodenough' is a long surname, she just dropped 'G' from it and is now called Preity G Zinta.
In her caption, she revealed that Pritam Singh was a name given to her by Bobby Deol in the sets of 'Soldier' joking. “In her caption, she revealed that Pritam Singh was a name jokingly given to her by Bobby Deol on the sets of 'Soldier'. “Over the years, I have consistently read in various media articles that I have changed my name from Pritam Singh Zinta to Preity Zinta. I have tried to clear things up so many times by telling everyone that on the sets of “Soldier” @iambobbydeol called me Pritam Singh as a joke (please ask him why he chose that name when you met him 🤩) The film it became a blockbuster, our friendship blossomed and since then Pritam Singh – the name still sticks with me….. Bachaao 🙈 So one last time guys – Pritam Singh was NEVER my name. It was always Preity ❤️ I hope this clears everything up once and for all. #Ting #Factcheck #PreityGZinta #PreityZinta #LordBobbyDeol.”

Preity asked everyone not to repeat this mistake and get this clarification right. The actress lives in Los Angeles most often with her husband and children Jai and Gia. She visits India when her team plays during the IPL or when she has commitments here. But fans are certainly waiting to see her on screen again!



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