EXCLUSIVE: Filming has wrapped on a cutting-edge World War II series for Polish network TVP.

Set in 1940s Gdynia, The Bay of Spies is directed by Michał Rogalski, winner of the Screenplay Award at the World Film Festival in Montreal for his film Summer Solstice.

Based on real facts, The Bay of Spies follows Franz Neumann, a young Nazi officer in the Abwehr, who discovers that his real father was Polish. Using this information to his advantage, Franz becomes an Allied spy with the codename Got'. His task is to obtain information about the activities of the German Navy, the Kriegsmarine, and report to the allies. Using his charm and charisma, Franz manipulates the men he approaches, makes women fall in love with him, and makes his way into the German elite.

“In addition to serving as a tribute to the architects and engineers who built the city of Gdynia before the war, the commissioning of the series is a key part of TVP's mission-driven programming strategy to promote original content created by Polish talent to audiences. Polish. , as well as having international appeal”, said Aleksandra Kaźmieruk, Head of Global Distribution at TVP.

“This show has everything you need in a series – beautiful cinematography, music, costumes and unexpected twists set in the context of a little-known but incredibly important part of WWII history.”

Akson Studio is producing. The screenplay is written by Michał Godzic (Chasing Dreams, Time of War Girls) and Wojciech Lepianka (My father's bicycle).