Person of interest #1 or the back rider. (Photo courtesy of PNP PIO)

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine National Police (PNP) on Thursday revealed the faces of two other “persons of interest” (POIs) who were caught on CCTV carrying a bag allegedly containing the bomb used inside the gymnasium of the State University of Mindanao (MSU) in Marawi City last December 3.

Person of interest 2 or motorcycle driver.

Person of Interest #2 or motorcycle driver. (Photo courtesy of PNP PIO)

In addition to the first two suspects, Col. Jean Fajardo, PNP spokesperson, said they were able to locate the two after the Special Investigative Task Group went back through CCTV footage in the area. She also specified that “POI 1” was driving the motorcycle, while “POI 2” was the passenger carrying the bag.

“The two persons of interest were seen heading to the MSU gym at approximately 6:08 a.m.,” Fajardo said at a news conference.

(These two POIs were seen heading to the MSU gym around 6:08 am)

“They were seen before the explosion, if you notice the backrider wearing white long sleeves and khaki pants was carrying a bag that we believe contained the same bomb that was used inside MSU,” she added.

(They were seen before the explosion, and as you can see, the backrider wearing white long sleeves and khaki pants was carrying a bag that supposedly contained the bomb.)

Showing a photo of the bag, Fajardo said the shape of its protrusions could indicate that it actually contains the 60mm mortar and rocket-propelled grenade used in the attack.

She also revealed that POI 1 was seen hanging the bag near the area.

The PNP official explained that they released the faces of the two POIs to ask the public for help.

Previously, Fajardo identified the first two suspects in the case as Kadapi Mimbesa, aka “Engineer”, and Arsani Membisa, who has three aliases, “Lapitos”, “Khatab” and “Hatab”.

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Citing police records, Fajardo reported that both suspects are allegedly members of the Maute group under the command of Daulah Islamiyah, were involved in previous bombing incidents and had outstanding arrest warrants.

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Meanwhile, on November 8, the Armed Forces of the Philippines announced the arrest of a new suspect, identified as Jafar Gamo Sultan. He was detained two days earlier by joint elements of the Marawi Military Task Force and the Marawi Municipal Police.