According to one reporter, the New England Patriots have already made a decision regarding Bill Belichick's future with the team.

Patriots insider Tom E. Curran appeared on NBC Sports Boston's “Arbella Early Edition” on Monday and talked about Belichick's future.

“When they left Germany, it was clear from the conversations I had this week that the decision had been made. They were going to play a game and at the end of the year there would be a breakup for various reasons,” Curran said. “I wasn't told this specifically, but the bottom line is you don't fire Bill Belichick during the season. Apart from that, he is an asset. He has a contract for another year.”

Curran emphasized that Belichick's contract runs through next year and therefore would not prevent the team from making a coaching change after the season. This was suggested in a previous report Belichick had a multi-year extension.

The Patriots are 3-10 on the season after a 21-18 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday night in Week 14. New England has scored the fewest points in the league this season (169). Only Karolina has a worse record.

Curran says many of the Patriots' ugly games sealed Belichick's fate.

“The Germans play, the Commanders play, the Saints play. All the big, marquee games, and then there was the Chargers game,” Curran recalled.

The Pats lost 10-6 to the Colts in Germany. Earlier in the season, they were outscored by the Saints 34-0 and lost 20-17 to the struggling Commanders.

You can see Curran's full remarks in the video (H/T AND):



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