The National Congress rejected the partial veto on Thursday (14) (VET 25/2023) from the executive to the bill (PL 2.342/2022). Sanctions in September as 14,687 lei from 2023the text created 20 contract positions, 20 court analyst positions and 50 court technician positions in the staff of the National Council of the Judiciary (CNJ).

The original design was proposed by the Federal Supreme Court (STF). A partial veto was submitted by Vice President Geraldo Alckmin, who was then the President of the Republic of Poland. He blocked five devices that were approved by senators and deputies in August.

The first vetoed point stated that “posts of permanent staff of the Union judiciary are necessary for judicial activities.” In the case of the executive power, the text is inconsistent with the constitution. “The device has no thematic connection with the originally proposed norm, which would lead to formal unconstitutionality due to the defect of the initiative, since the exclusive jurisdiction of the STF in this matter would be usurped,” Palácio do Planalto explained.

The remaining four items were vetoed on the grounds that they were contrary to the public interest. The regulations granted justice system employees the following benefits:

  • a ban on reducing benefits included in wages, salaries and pensions;
  • transforming an additional qualification into a nominally identified personal benefit;
  • absorption of additional qualifications for employees with a specialization, master's or doctoral degree; This is
  • accumulation of personal benefits by combining fifths or tenths of the outsourced function with a bonus for external activities.

The director believes that remuneration benefits are contrary to the public interest. In a message to the National Congress, Geraldo Alckmin argues that these provisions violate the Fiscal Responsibility Act (Supplementary Act 101 of 2000) and the Budget Guidelines Act (14,436 lei from 2022).

Agência Senado (reproduction authorized based on the quote from Agência Senado)



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