Actor Park Sung-hoon, known for playing the villain Jeon Jae-joon in the hit series 'The glory' recently joined Calm down man (Lee Mal-nyeon) and Lee Chang-ho for a candid video chat on YouTube. During the chat, Sung-hoon Park opened up about his approach to playing antagonistic roles.
Despite his on-screen personality, Park Sung-hoon confessed, “Actually, I don't even swear much. I still feel pain when I look back, playing that character,” as reported by Kbizoom. He elaborated on his process, revealing: “Everyone has anger inside. I just intensify it. When I play a villain, I pour out my emotions and it gives me vicarious satisfaction.”
Sharing an amusing incident, Park Sung-hoon recounted a recent encounter at the airport: “I went to the airport a few days ago to film 'Queen of Tears'. A man was surprised and said, 'That's Park Jae-joon!' He confused Park Sung-hoon and Jeon Jae-joon. After that, the 'Queen of Tears' staff also says 'Jae-joon, please step to the left' when my character's name is actually Eun-sung.” “I lost my real name,” he laughed, “I became Jeon Jae-joon.”
The conversation changed when Park Sung-hoon inadvertently dropped a hint about 'Squid Game Season 2'. Reflecting on the cast reveal, he mentioned, “When the cast of 'Squid Game Season 2' was revealed, only four people appeared in the video. Kang Ha-neul, Im Si-wan, Yang Dong-geun, Jeon Jae-joon That's how people decided.”
Lee Chang-ho then asked, “It’s the second season, right? Can you tell us if the main characters come together?” After that, questions about the wardrobe choices and appearance of Seong Gi-hun, played by Lee Jung-jae, flooded the conversation. However, Park Sung-hoon remained silent, responding with a simple, “It's season 2.” Calm Down Man injected humor into the discussion, joking, “He certainly shows up. Season 1 ended with him with red hair,” drawing laughter from everyone present.
Park Sung-hoon further stated, “I can't tell you anything. We're still filming.” However, a slip of the tongue led to an unexpected spoiler slip when he casually mentioned, “Anyway, even among the cast, if there is someone who dies early…” Lee Chang-ho's frightened response, “The what? Die?” highlighted Park Sung-hoon's inadvertent spoiler.
The room erupted in laughter as Lee Chang-ho expressed shock at the unintentional revelation. Realizing the gravity of his mistake, Park Sung-hoon quickly diverted the conversation, mentioning specific brands to request editing.