The 2017 Lifetime Novel,'Fight for my way', not only captivated audiences with its moving narrative, but also propelled its lead actors, Park Seo Joon It is Kim Ji Won, to international stardom. The series started with a modest viewership rating of 5-6% and steadily rose to a notable 13-14% by the time it concluded, underscoring its enormous popularity.
The chemistry between Kim Ji Won and Park Seo Joon was so palpable that it won them the prestigious Best Couple award at the 2017 KBS Drama Awards. Park Seo Joon's excellent performance also won him the Best Korean Actor award at the 13th International Drama Awards from Seoul.

Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won's Aegyo Battle! [ENG]

Amidst the drama's general acclaim, one scene stood out and became a sensation on various social media platforms. The spotlight shined on the unforgettable aegyo moment with Park Seo Joon's character, Ko Dong Man. In this specific scene, Choi Ae Raplayed by Kim Ji Won, resorts to using aegyo to dissuade Dong Man to follow a dangerous path in the fight. What follows is a comedic twist as Dong Man, in response, surprises everyone with his own tearful and captivating aegyo monologue.
The scene went viral, turning Kim Ji Won and Park Seo Joon into the beloved 'aegyo couple' among fans. The ripple effect of this moment extended beyond the screen, with Park Seo Joon frequently being asked to reenact his aegyo, culminating in a memorable recreation at the KBS Drama Awards. This viral sensation further solidified the duo's status as not only talented actors, but also as a charming and adored on-screen duo.



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