Paris Hilton addressed the backlash after admitting she didn't change her son's diaper until he was one month old.

O Paris in love star recently shared on an episode of her Peacock reality show that she was “too scared” to change her son Phoenix's diaper. Following the episode, Hilton received considerable pushback from other parents who were surprised that she still hadn't changed her diaper. Now, the 42-year-old DJ is addressing concerns about her parenting skills.

On a publish shared to X, formerly known as Twitter, Hilton explained that she was joking about not changing her son's diaper and stated that she is “fully involved” in her children's lives. “Hello, it’s Paris. I just wanted to clarify something,” she began the heartfelt message.

“On my show, #ParisInLove, I joked about changing a diaper for the first time, which, let's be honest, was just me having a little fun – as you can see, I changed his diaper the night I brought him home ,” Hilton said. In the post, she included footage from the reality show showing Hilton telling her husband, Carter Reum, that she had changed Phoenix's diaper after bringing him home from the hospital.

“But seriously, when it comes to being a mom, I'm all in and loving every moment of it,” she continued. “It's interesting how a joking comment can be taken so seriously. Even though this season has been the most real, authentic and raw I’ve ever been with my fans.”

The American socialite admitted that she sometimes “plays the eccentric character” she portrayed herself on the iconic reality show The simple lifewhich she co-starred alongside Nicole Richie from 2003 to 2007. “It’s a hard role to completely let go of,” Hilton said.

“While I love a good laugh, I also believe in being real and responsible, especially as a mother,” she added. “Let's remember to find the humor in life, but also to value and respect real moments. Thank you for understanding, Happy Holidays and lots of love to you all!”

In the second season of Paris in love, which is currently streaming on Peacock, Hilton is seen introducing her younger sister – Nicky Hilton Rothschild – to her son Phoenix Barron, who was just 32 days old at the time. “Should I learn to change his diaper?” Hilton asked her sister. Before changing his diaper, Hilton held her son as she told him, “I said I wouldn't do this for my birthday, but I'll do it for you.”

The scene showed Hilton's nanny Gena standing next to the changing table as Nicky instructed her sister on how to change Phoenix's diaper. At one point, Hilton asked the nanny which side of the diaper was the front and which side was the back. Nicky reminded her sister to be “gentle” when changing his diaper, as Gena suggested she talk to her son while she was changing him.

The moment was later shared on TikTok, where it received more than 2.3 million views. “This isn’t Paris learning to change her son’s diaper for the first time in a month,” one TikTok user wrote under the clip.

Many viewers expressed their shock that Hilton had yet to change her son's diaper, but some people reminded others not to start shaming Hilton's mother. “Guys, not everyone is good at being a first-time mother. It takes time,” one person commented. “At least she's trying and now she's a great mom. Stop embarrassing her.

Hilton and Reum announced the arrival of their first child together, son Phoenix Barron, in January. “You are already loved beyond words,” she captioned the Instagram announcement, which showed her holding her son Phoenix's little hand.

Just last month, the couple – who have been married since November 2021 – welcomed their second child, daughter London. “Grateful for my daughter,” Hilton wrote on Instagram, showing a photo of a pair of pink pajamas with the name “London” inscribed on the collar.



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