The draw with Santo André exposes the mistakes in the attack; Flaco López praises the rivals' goalkeeper, and Abel Ferreira criticizes the lack of effectiveness

February 12
– 23:13

(update at 23:16)

Photo: Cesar Greco/Palmeiras – Caption: Palmeiras opened the scoring, but conceded a draw at the end / Play10

After Palmeiras' draw with Santo André this Monday (12), Alviverde's team had a bitter aftertaste, especially due to the number of missed goal opportunities. The team opened the scoring early in the second half with a goal by Flaco López, but squandered several goals conceded and was punished late on, receiving a header from Lohan, making the score 1-1. match, Palmeiras fans had to turn around to explain how they had failed to win a match in which they had created many more chances than their opponent but were much less effective.

“Their goalkeeper (Luiz Daniel) did very well. I think we need to improve our effectiveness. But it's all about learning for the next game, fixing and improving. I work hard to help the team whenever I can and that's all. “That's it. The bitter taste of a draw. I think we deserved a little more, but that's football. We have to work and stay prepared for what's coming,” said Flaco López for Cazé TV.

However, coach Abel Ferreira was more critical in his analysis. Although he has strengthened faith in the squad, he believes that the team must remain focused at all times and there is no point in playing more and missing most of the chances created:

I believe in the players. Today we played better, but as I have said several times, efficiency is what counts in football. We had everything we could to score the second goal, but competing at a higher level always requires focus. Whoever comes in, whoever plays, must always be connected. We have to improve our efficiency, last year we were the team that produced the most, that was the best at creating chances. We have to be more focused in the last minutes and be effective. I can sit here and say what you want: if we create five chances and don't score goals, we will suffer. That's football.”

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