Verdão was winning until the 43rd minute of the second half after a goal by Flaco López, but Lohan came off the bench and tied the match. Palmeiras currently has 14 points

Photo: Cesar Greco/Palmeiras – Caption: Flaco López scored four goals in six games for Palmeiras in 2024 / Jogada10

At ABC Paulista everything is the same. Palmeiras visited Santo André this Monday at the Bruno José Daniel Stadium, but ended in a 1-1 draw with Ramalhão in the Campeonato Paulista 2024. On the road, Abel Ferreira's team took the lead through Flaco López, but Lohan equalized the score.

As a result, Verdão currently has 14 points, taking the lead in Group B. Santo André, in turn, reaches three points without a single victory, taking last place in Group A, with the worst campaign in the competition.

First time

Playing at home, Santo André tried to impose himself early on and even created a few chances, but they weren't that dangerous. However, Palmeiras gradually managed to relax and face the danger. Abel Ferreira's men had two scares under Flaco López but failed to find the back of the net in the first half. At the first opportunity, the Argentine headed for a great save from goalkeeper Luiz Daniel. In the second minute, Caio Paulista gave free kick number 42 from the small penalty area, which, however, missed the goal. The opening period ended with Verdão scoring ten shots against the hosts' four.

Second time

The final stage began with pressure from Palmeiras, who opened the scoring after just a minute. In the next action on the left side, Piquerez played deep and Zé Rafael passed to Caio Paulista. The number 16 hit the far post and this time Flaco López, again in a small area, did not waste it. The Argentine's clash with goalkeeper Luiz Daniel continued and Flaco had two more chances, but the Santo André archer made two brilliant saves to prevent Verdão's expansion. In the last minutes, Ramalhão tried to press and managed to equalize. Enzo even had a great chance for a header, but was stopped at Weverton. However, the ball went into the corner, and Lohan, who had just entered, left everything unchanged after crossing.


Santo André and Palmeiras return to the field next Thursday, once again for the Campeonato Paulista. Ramalhão will face Guarani in Campinas, while Verdão has an important match in São Bernardo, again away. Both matches will take place at 7:30 p.m. (Brazilian time).


Campeonato Paulista 2024 – Seventh round

Data: 12/02/2024, at 19:00 (Brazilian time)

Local: Bruno José Daniel Stadium in Santo André (SP)

Public: : 10,659 fans

Income: R$667,770.00

SAINT ANDREW: Luis Daniel; Afonso, João Victor (Enzo, 21'/2nd quarter), Walce and Igor Fernandes; Wellington Reis (Sousa, 48'/2nd quarter), Dudu Vieira, Geovane and Marciel (Robinho, break); Léo Passos (Lohan, 41'/2nd quarter) and Bruno Michel (Felipe Ferreira, 48'/2nd quarter). Technician: Marcio Fernandes

PALMS: Weverton; Gustavo Garcia, Gustavo Gómez, Luan and Piquerez; Fabinho, Zé Rafael (Jhon Jhon, 32'/2°Q) and Richard Ríos (Gabriel Menino, 32'/2°Q); Breno Lopes (Luis Guilherme, 25'/2Q), Caio Paulista (Aníbal Moreno, 41/2Q) and Flaco López (Rony, 25'/2Q). Technician: Abel Ferreira

Goals: Flaco Lopez, 1'/2°T (0-1); and Lohan, 43'/2°T (1-1)

Judge: Lucas Canetto Bellote

Assistants: Miguel Caetano Ribeiro da Costa and Rafael Tadeu Alves de Souza

WAS: Thiago Duarte Peixoto

Yellow card: Waltzes e Afonso (STA); – (PAL)

Red card:

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