The traditional uniform of the Brazilian team, with gold details, produced by Puma, delights voters on a specialist website

February 13
– 09:19

(update at 9:46)

In the world of soccer, aesthetics often equal the team's performance on the pitch. In the “beautiful shirt” category, version 1 Palmeiras won the hearts of sports lovers around the world. In a vote conducted on the website Football headlinestraditional dark green uniform with gold detailing, provided by Pumawas voted the most beautiful in the world in January.

Palmeiras' victory did not come without a sharp dispute with the European giants. The Palmeiras outfit overtook such heavyweights as, among others, Manchesterwho took second place, and Paris Saint-Germainthird.

In addition to the giants of world football, the vote also paid attention to other players. The goalkeeper's shirt stands out Namibia national teamproduced by Vecchio, and a set for the company's guests Uruguay under 23 years old. The latter was produced by the South American team itself due to the lack of an official supplier after the expiry of the contract with Tenfield, the then holder of Puma's rights in Uruguay.

With the success of the vote in January, on the website Football headlines expands the search to all of 2024, allowing fans to choose not only the best-looking set for each month, but also the best-looking set for the entire year. Given the start of the new season, we should expect even more fierce competition between clubs and teams from around the world.