In the 2023 campaign, Pablo Vegetti made 21 appearances in the Brazilian Championship, scoring ten goals and one assist.

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Vegetti is released and allowed to play against Cruzeiro

Photo: Leandro Amorim/Vasco / Esporte News Mundo

The 34-year-old center forward was a great signing for Vasco da Gama. Vegetti, affectionately known as “The Pirate”, was hired on August 4 and wanted to help the team do what it does best: score goals. For the 2023 campaign, Pablo Vegetti has made 21 appearances in the Brazilian Championship, scoring ten goals and one assist for Cruz-Maltino. In his first match, Vegetti scored the winning goal against Grêmio, already gaining the support of the fans and guaranteeing Cruz-Maltino three important points. In this match, Vegetti began to gain sympathy from the fans.

After Vasco's stay in Série A, Pablo Vegetti also praised Vasco's fans who were always present at all the matches, especially in São Januário, supporting their players. See what Vegetti said about fans:

And Vasco's fans, who do not leave the club even in difficult times, deserve to be rewarded in the coming years. I want to repay on the pitch for the affection I received from day one.

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Now the striker, who has had great performances this year, will spend a pre-season with the squad and, under the leadership of coach Ramón Díaz, will look to have an even better 2024 so that Vasco can make positive progress and achieve better results.