MUMBAI: The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has requested Vistara follow relevant regulations regarding installations and compensation should pay passengers hit by flight cancellations, delays and denied boarding. However, passengers whose flights were canceled or delayed have learned that these rules do not address some of their main concerns.

For example: For a flight cancellation made up to 24 hours before departure, the rules state that the airline must provide an alternative flight or refund the ticket and pay compensation ranging from Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000, depending on the duration of the trip .

For passengers who are not accommodated on an alternative flight, this compensation amount hardly covers the costs they would have to incur when purchasing a last-minute ticket to their destination.
On Tuesday, Sushil Patni and his wife, both elderly, ended up spending Rs 21,000 to book tickets on IndiGo to fly from Indore to Delhi after Vistara canceled their flight. They were booked for a night departure to Baku and so could not wait a day for alternative arrangements. According to the aforementioned norms, together they would receive compensation of Rs 15,000.

Again, the provisions mention free hotel accommodation only in case of flight delay and not in case of cancellations. It states that the airline is obliged to provide meals and drinks, alternative flight/full ticket refund to the passenger or hotel accommodation including transfers depending on the total delay of the flight. Airlines must provide hotel accommodation only if the delay is more than 24 hours or more than six hours for flights scheduled to depart between 8pm and 3am.
Passengers have been pointing out these deficiencies on social media.
Sanjay Gupta posted on X that his daughters were booked on a flight from Mopa-Goa to Delhi. “The flight has been delayed many times… the daughters are still stuck there. Vistara said, accept the refund.
Vamshi Papatla, an X user, posted that he spent Rs 2,400 on taxi rides to and from Hyderabad and lost the money paid for a hotel booking in Mumbai after the airline canceled his Hyderabad-Mumbai flight.
Sachin Chhabra, another passenger, posted on X: “Who will bear our hotel expenses and other bookings if Vistara cancels our flight at the last moment?”