On September 21, 2023, there was notable activity in the options market for Intuit (NASDAQ: INTU), indicating a bearish stance taken by a prominent trader or institution. A thorough analysis of the options trades for Intuit revealed 17 uncommon trades, with the sentiment of these significant players split between 35% bullish and 64% bearish. Among these unique options, 7 were puts, amounting to $238,665, and 10 were calls, totaling $624,288.

Based on the volume and open interest of these contracts, it is evident that whales have been targeting a price range of $300.0 to $570.0 for Intuit’s stock over the past three months. This information serves as a price target for the company.

The put/call ratio for INTU stands at 0.73, indicating a bullish outlook. This ratio suggests that there is a positive sentiment among traders regarding the future performance of Intuit.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most significant options trades observed for Intuit:

Symbol: INTU
Trade Type: SWEEP
Sentiment: BEARISH
Expiration Date: 10/20/23
Strike Price: $570.00
Total Trade Price: $209.8K
Open Interest: 231
Volume: 2.3K

Symbol: INTU
Trade Type: TRADE
Sentiment: BULLISH
Expiration Date: 12/19/25
Strike Price: $300.00
Total Trade Price: $100.8K
Open Interest: 5
Volume: 4

These options trades provide valuable insights into the market sentiment surrounding Intuit, indicating both bearish and bullish perspectives. It will be interesting to monitor the company’s performance in the coming months to see if these predictions align with reality.

Intuit Inc.


Strong Buy

Updated on: 21/09/2023

Price Target

Current $504.37

Concensus $559.55

Low $462.00

Median $525.00

High $785.00

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Social Sentiments

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Analyst Ratings

Analyst / firm Rating
Alex Markgraff
Daniel Jester
Loop Capital Markets
Stefan Slowinski
BNP Paribas
Daniel Jester
Loop Capital Markets
Steven Enders

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INTU Stock Performance on September 21, 2023: Decline Observed but Positive Outlook for Future Earnings Growth

INTU stock performances on September 21, 2023 were closely watched by investors. The stock opened lower at $518.50 and experienced a range of $503.42 to $520.92. The trading volume for the day was 88,323.

INTU has shown impressive earnings growth in the past year, with a growth rate of 14.98%. This year, the company has continued to perform well, with earnings growth of 9.65%. Analysts predict a strong future for INTU, with an expected earnings growth rate of 14.67% over the next five years.

The revenue growth for INTU in the last year was 12.90%. The stock’s price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio stands at 59.9. The price-to-sales ratio is 10.08, while the price-to-book ratio is 8.74.

On September 21, 2023, INTU’s stock price experienced a decline of 2.33 points or 1.74%.

Looking ahead, INTU’s next reporting date is scheduled for November 23, 2023. Analysts are forecasting an earnings per share (EPS) of $2.06 for this quarter. The net profit margin for INTU stands at 16.59%.

INTU has its corporate headquarters located in Mountain View, California.

Overall, INTU’s stock performance on September 21, 2023, showed a decline, but the company’s strong earnings growth and revenue growth in recent years indicate a positive outlook for the future. Investors will be keeping a close eye on INTU’s upcoming earnings report to further assess the company’s financial performance.

INTU Stock Performance on September 21, 2023: Positive Outlook and Potential for Growth

INTU stock performances on September 21, 2023, were closely watched by investors and analysts as they assessed the company’s potential for growth. According to data from CNN Money, the 24 analysts offering 12-month price forecasts for Intuit Inc had a median target of $567.50, with a high estimate of $642.00 and a low estimate of $410.00. This median estimate represented a +12.55% increase from the last price of $504.24.

The consensus among 30 polled investment analysts was to buy stock in Intuit Inc. This rating had remained steady since September, indicating a positive sentiment towards the company’s prospects. Investors were likely drawn to Intuit’s strong financial performance and potential for future growth.

In terms of financials, Intuit reported earnings per share of $2.06 for the current quarter, with sales reaching $2.9 billion. These figures were indicative of a healthy and profitable business. The company’s next reporting date was scheduled for November 23, where investors eagerly awaited further updates on Intuit’s financial performance.

The positive outlook for Intuit Inc was supported by the analysts’ price forecasts, which suggested a potential increase in stock value. The median target of $567.50 represented a +12.55% growth from the last recorded price of $504.24. With a high estimate of $642.00, some analysts believed that Intuit had the potential for even greater gains.

Investors were likely attracted to Intuit’s strong track record and its position in the market. As a leading provider of financial software and services, the company had established itself as a trusted brand in the industry. Its products, such as TurboTax and QuickBooks, were widely used by individuals and businesses alike.

Furthermore, Intuit’s focus on innovation and technology positioned it well for future growth. The company had been investing in artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance its products and services. This commitment to staying ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving industry was viewed favorably by investors.

Overall, the performance of INTU stock on September 21, 2023, indicated positive sentiment and potential for growth. The consensus among analysts was to buy stock in Intuit Inc, with price forecasts suggesting a potential increase in stock value. Investors were likely drawn to the company’s strong financials and its position as a leading provider of financial software and services. With a focus on innovation and technology, Intuit appeared well-positioned for future success.

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