Girona shook the board of LaLiga and European football. Mchel's team leads the First Division ahead of Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid and Barcelona after winning (2-4) in Montjuic. The 41 points in 16 games took us to the top, breaking all the logic and standards of Spanish football.

A feat that has certain parallels with Leicester's feat. ANDIn 2015-16, the 'foxes' coached by Claudio Ranieri won the Premier League challenging the 'status quo' of English football. Eight seasons later, Vardy, Mahrez, Kant, Schmeichel and company have Dovbyk, Savinho, Aleix García, Miguel Gutirrez as heirs… links between what happens in Montilivi and what happened at the King Power Stadium They are evident and one of the heroes of the 'foxes' feat analyzes it in MARCA.

“Girona and our Leicester are two teams that were recently promoted, which was a group that had been working together for a long time and became stronger, playing with great intensity. Girona has great ball control, possession and attacks a lot and we were more about defending strongly and counterattacking. But the intensity is similar,” he says. Leo Ulloá.

Girona have great ball control, possession and attack a lot and at Leicester we were more about defending strongly and counter-attacking. But the intensity is similar

Leo Ulloa, former Leicester player

The Argentine, fundamental with his six goals in the Leicester team, is an authoritative voice to explain how the 'Giron' club is growing. “I experienced this in the Midlands city in 2016.”Each victory reaffirms you and makes you believe more, but the important thing is to go game by game. Girona fell to Real Madrid, but continued to trust and achieved a victory in Barcelona that strengthened them a lot. “They will play in front of anyone and will fight for everything”, says Ulloa, who talks about the pressure that is generated on these 'outsiders', more accustomed to fighting for permanence.

“We talked in the locker room that we didn’t need to go any further. We didn't see ourselves on the horizon or qualifying for the Europa League, the Champions League… The priority was salvation so as not to go crazy. From then on, and after gaining nine of the 12 points in January against Liverpool, Chelsea, City and Arsenal, we saw that we were ready for more and we accepted the challenge. This is how it should be in Girona. You have to take it step by step because your rivals, as soon as you move up, will want to beat you as if you were a big guy. And above all Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atlético, who are always there, will want to beat them. They will not allow them to be champions“, highlights.

Girona fell to Real Madrid but continued to trust and achieved a victory in Barcelona which strengthened them a lot. Every victory reaffirms you

Leo Ulla, former Leicester player

The Argentine also explains how this success is managed in the media… and issues a warning based on his experience: “An atmosphere is generated that you can be a champion in the media, on the networks… And then the opposite. They told us that we were going to fall, that we wouldn't be able to continue climbing, that we didn't have the necessary strength to last for a long time… And that fed us and drove us. “No one believes in us more… than us!”

The role of Mchel, key

Ulloa, who arrived at Rayo Vallecano in the summer of 2019, when Mchel left the club, values ​​the work of the Madrid team: “It generated a dynamic, an intensity and a way of playing that the players believe in. It has a big impact on what is happening because the football players are expressing their idea. He convinced everyone to believe and that is essential. As happened at Leicester, the players rose to the next level. Vardy, Mahrez, Kant… did it in three or four steps and we who came out later did it, at least, in one. Not so well-known football players have found a new and higher level and everyone, those who play and those who don't, are competing in Girona. In this, Mchel is being fundamental.”

If Girona wins LaLiga it will be a historic feat, on par with Leicester's Premier League

Leo Ulloa, former Leicester player

But where would Girona's achievements be if they won LaLiga? Although it's early days, Ulloa would put the title on par with Leicester's title: “If they are champions, I will match what we did. Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atlético have won LaLiga and the Premier League is more open, but it would be within reach. It will be something historic and I will love it. It will do LaLiga a lot of good and will send the message, like us, that the powerful don't always win.” Word from the champion 'unexpected'.