ANDReal Madrid faced the sixth round of the group stage with a visit to Union Berlin and five changes compared to last Saturday's eleven at Villamarn. The most notable news was the starting role of Kepa, advanced in the preview by Ancelotti, with Nacho resting Rdiger and Modric forming a double pivot with Fede Valverde, who did not rest from the start, like two other important players in the team such as Bellingham and Rodrygo, who once again were brilliant.


He returns to possession after an injury that turned out to be more complicated than expected. Gross error with the feet to compromise Modric, followed by an extraordinary save for Behrens. Then he got better at his touch. He could do nothing about either of the Union's two objectives. Miracles, for Lourdes.

USAGE: 6.5


New opportunity for the Galician given the loss of Carvajal. Very loud from the first minute, like Fran García. He had several arrivals, but none of them ended well. I lost my body in the play of Volland's goal. McManaman-style volley as soon as the match resumed and Ronnow saved it with a save. He was denied in the centers.

USAGE: 5.5


Come in to give the worn-out Rdiger a break. An undemanding game for the Madrid captain, who was as correct as ever

USE: 6


We missed the option of seeing him higher, as he did in several games for Bayern. But Ancelotti seems to have other plans for the Austrian, even if it is shown, like the home team's goal, that his deficiencies as a central defender are evident: he received a fair yellow card for a necessary foul on Behrens. He managed to make up for the mistake after a pass from Ceballos, but his left-footed shot went over the top. Strange to change his.

USE: 4

Francisco Garcia

New opportunity for the man from La Mancha after a good stretch of the season for Mendy. He gave a beautiful ball to Joselu who narrowly missed the goal. He had a loss that didn't end in a miraculous problem. He cleared his record by helping Joselu 1-2.

USE: 7


Double pivot with Fede for the Croatian. A well-aimed pass from Kepa led to a mistake from Luka on the outside that could have been costly. He had a good shot option from outside the box, but not a clear shot. Then he missed the goal from eleven meters, a luck in which he was always accurate. More comfortable after the break in the company of Toni Kroos.

USE: 7


He doesn't rotate despite the overload of games and minutes, he had a set piece in the middle of the first half, but it went a little wide. Less intense than normal. Changed at half-time but not marked.

USE: 6


Little by little it becomes dynamic. He started active, but there is still a touch left in many plays. Excessive tendency towards baroque. He didn't negotiate the deployment and found the reward in the last breath, with a well-aimed shot that made it 2-3.

USAGE: 6.5


He had the first of the game to once again demonstrate 9 fundamentals with a cut that left him alone against Ronnow, who beat him with supreme luck. Two minutes later he tried again, but crossed too far. Are you sure it's not a 9? He passed with music to help Rodrygo, but the local goalkeeper thwarted the move. Impeccable in controls, passes and even luxuries. A football player's delight, although this time his daily goal resisted him. He retaliated by helping Ceballos to the third, a play he practically set up on his own.

USE: 9


There is no rest for the Brazilian either, who is extremely skilled in dribbling and control. Ronnow scored the equalizer with a handball save. He then demonstrated how to cross from the right wing (after changing sides once again) to help Joselu. He seems full of confidence.



Champions game for Joselu, just kidding. The first he sent into the woods with a splendid headbutt. Then he got it right after a German error, but the outside shot went wide. The next, the perfect hunt for the far post to make it 1-1 and he repeated his academicism with the shot to put Real Madrid ahead. The performance of the Stuttgart-born striker was impeccable: eight goals in December alone.



He left at half-time, in what appeared to be a move agreed with Ancelotti to rest Valverde. And the game was just different.

USAGE: 7.5


They weren't expected, but I showed up.


Minutes for the malagueo, which left sparkles, as almost always.

USE: 6


Another one from the first cast.

USE: 6


He played in the press room and made more changes than he announced, totaling five compared to the last game. Several untouchables in the eleven, but the reality is that injuries don't give him much room for maneuver either. Despite everything, he knew how to take advantage of the (few) pieces available to turn the game around and win it with the changes in the second half.

USE: 7