One person died and five others were injured after a fight between two groups of teenagers in a New York City subway station on Monday at the start of the evening rush hour, authorities said.

The shooting began on an elevated train platform in the Bronx around 4:30 p.m., a time when the city's stations are crowded with children returning from school and many workers begin their evening commute.

A 34-year-old man was killed, police said. The injured included a 14-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy, and three adults, ages 28, 29 and 71. Some of the victims were believed to be involved in the dispute and others were waiting for the train, authorities said. describing four of the injuries as serious.

“We don't believe it was a random shooting. We don't believe it was an individual shooting indiscriminately at a train or train station,” NYPD Transit Chief Michael Kemper said at a news conference. “This incident occurred today as a result of two groups starting to fight while on a train.”

The shooting began when the train arrived at the station, Kemper said, hitting people on the platform.

“The doors opened and at least one of the individuals in that group, or both groups, pulled out a gun and fired,” Kemper said. “People started running from the train to the platform and more shots were fired at the platform.”

There was a manhunt for at least one shooter, who fled the scene.

“The train was coming and there were two kids screaming,” witness Efrain Feliciano, 61, told the Daily News. “There were at least six shots.”

“I saw sparkles when the bullets hit the wall,” Feliciano said. “A woman was holding a screaming child.”

Television news helicopter video showed a subway train stopped at the station and orange cones of evidence on the platform, which is three stops north of Yankee Stadium. Trains were still running through the station on the expressway, but were not stopping while police investigated.

Fears of violence on the subway system have risen after a series of incidents in recent years, but overall, crime in New York City has been falling since a sudden spike at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The number of people shot citywide fell 39% last year compared to 2022. Murders in the subway system also fell last year, from 10 to 5.

“Not only should people be really safe, but what we've done to reduce crime, they should feel safe,” Mayor Eric Adams said on 1010 Wins Radio, “and something like this can send shockwaves throughout our system. ”.