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As a comedian and Sophia Wilson Pelton, resident of Brooklyn once so aptly said“For me, the height of luxury is drinking three liquids at the same time: one for hydration, one for energy and one for fun (e.g. water, matcha, Spindrift.)” We are not immune to having our own emotional support drinks to get through the workday – my personal beverage trifecta at my desk currently consists of: a Stanley cup filled with ice water, a latte from the Nespresso machine I've been testing for the past month, and any flavor of Vitamin Water Zero at the bodega there Below is that day.

But when I'm not on my 'hydrate or die' game, I have a bar cart overflowing with mini cans of adaptogenic drinks and high-end wines that are ready to be enjoyed – as I'm sure many of you can identify – with the drinks market. RTD (ready to drink) increasing at a rate of 12.8% per year, according to Grand View Research. I was relegated to placing all of our cans next to the leftovers in the fridge or simply placing them on top of the cart without cooling. That is, until Rocco sent us his impressive new refrigerator.

What is the Rocco smart refrigerator?

Like a luxurious Art Deco cabinet, Rocco's smart refrigerator is anything but retro. Admittedly, wine coolers haven't seen many real innovations in 30 years, but this isn't your dorm room mini-fridge. Designed to stay cooler than a wine cooler and divide the temperature between the two halves of the interior, this makes it the ideal bar cart replacement for anyone who needs to chill all of their functional soft drinks, craft beers and bottled cocktails in one. place. But what's just as impressive as the temperature control is its capacity – Rocco can hold up to 27 bottles of wine, 88 cans, or a combination of both. With six shelves, you can flip the trays on most shelves to make room for standard wine bottles or cans. It's currently available for a starting price of $1,195 (with a $1,500 discount), but it's already sold out several times in a row.


Let's say you want your Recess cans to be cooler than Pinot Grig – you can totally do that. But the biggest draw, and the biggest advantage for Rocco, is the app’s patent-pending “Vision System.” Using the app, you can “peek” inside your refrigerator, which shows all the items currently in your Rocco thanks to an object recognition database. This lets you order more La Croix online or make a quick trip to the liquor store if you're feeling dangerously low, all without having to open the door (Rocco's team says all individual customer data will remain private).

As we had been brought together in our own apartment (by the Rocco founder himself, no less), we realized it was like your own home entertainment system – made to be noticed. Smaller than a standard refrigerator but larger than a standard mini-fridge, it's a sleek, solid appliance. It comes in cool white, retro yellow, and graphite black, and instead of a plain glass window that you'd find in most wine fridges, it's made from stylish ribbed glass that looks more like a 1920s cabinet than a door. -drinks. The glass also helps keep ultraviolet light away from the wine and the refrigerator's interior light. outside of your living room, a real plus for functional design.

Rocco smart refrigerator review

Firstly, this refrigerator is no intended to be moved. It currently sits below the TV in the living room and I don't think we'll ever move it without help thanks to its solid, welded steel frame. This just makes it clear that Rocco doesn't intend this to be an ordinary beverage cooler – it's a Lifestyle. It's too elegant to be relegated to the garage or storage room and would pair perfectly with other bright, aesthetic decor (it's slim, the 16-inch depth also makes it less bulky than you might think). Not to mention that we barely hear it working, thanks to an “ultra-silent” compressor that operates at 39 decibels, or over the sound of a suburban neighborhood at night.


Plus, we wanted to see how it would hold up through the holiday party season and if it could actually replace the bar cart we had so frantically assembled before the housewarming party the month before. Since someone was primarily in charge of the kitchen preparing the mini sausages and ensuring the meal was prepared, there's nothing I hate more than forgetting to chill the special wine or throwing a few beers on ice before the party. I also noticed that our friends tended to be reluctant to touch anything on the bar cart, and I get it — everything is hot and dusty, and we're not all Tom Cruise. Cocktail.

Luckily, the Rocco was in a prime party position, with a lid that doubles as a bar and can be lifted like a tray to be carried around the room. We held it in position and filled it with ice and extra garnishes and it was easy for guests to grab a cold drink and go to town. Storage was also ridiculously simple, as the shelves extended completely, leaving no cans behind or needing to dig around to find the latest Diet Coke. There was a “Party Mode” in the app that we turned on, but we’re not sure what it did and the instructions never explained it either.

We added everything from a bottle of Bordeaux to a 12-pack of Sprite, ginger shots, and even alcoholic kombucha (someone tried and was stopped from adding a cup of iced coffee at one point). It kept everything super fresh and cold, did double duty as an eye-catching piece of furniture, and allowed everyone at the party to act as their own bartender. Plus, I could adjust the brightness, readjust the temperature and lock the fridge (fortunately it never happened). what crazy), all from the comfort of my phone.

That said, what I was most excited about (and what could have helped for a great role) was the one feature that is currently not working at the time of publishing. This clever “Vision System” has not yet been released, with an in-app screen like this (note: it has been more than two weeks since we started testing the refrigerator):

It's no big deal since we can always, you know, open the door, but be able to open the application instead, sending someone to a bodega to get more beers was a missed opportunity. But above all, the Rocco refrigerator did what it set out to do: look good and keep things fresh.


Rocco Smart Refrigerator: Final Verdict


With isolated temperature zones and reversible shelves to fit almost every drink bottle, box, and can you have, the Rocco Smart Fridge is a great option for anyone who entertains frequently or wants to be prepared to chill their drinks at a moment's notice. . That said, it'll take a lot of money to achieve this level of beverage control, and you'll still have to wait for its standout smart feature, which was missing at the time of publishing. But if you want something more than just a drab metal box or a boring, dusty bar cart to store your drinks, there's no better option for a hosting companion than having Rocco in your home.



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