At just 12 years old, Davi Lucca has been living in Barcelona since 2022 and has a personalized gaming space in Spain

Photo: Reproduction/Neymar/Instagram – Caption: Neymar shows his son's room on social media / Jogada10

Neymar went viral on social media after he showed a photo of his son's room. Davi Lucca is only 12 years old, but he enjoys playing online games and has a personalized gaming space at home.

In Neymar's Instagram stories, Davi Lucca appears playing on a luxury computer. In the caption, the star wrote “gamer”, referring to her son's love of playing games on the Internet.

Neymar's son

In fact, Davi Lucca lives next to his mother Carol Dantas, stepfather Vinícius Martinez and brother Valentim. That's why the three of them live in Barcelona and the star often visits them. Incidentally, the player spent his last days with his son in Spain.

Carol Dantas moved to Barcelona in 2022. Neymar was playing for PSG at the time and was able to spend more time with his son. The striker currently belongs to Al-Hilal from Saudi Arabia. The star is recovering from a serious left knee injury and has not been on the pitch since October 2023.

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