BACOLOD CITY – The La Castellana City Council suspended during a special session on Monday, November 20, a councilor linked to a police recruitment scam for a series of unexplained absences.

The council approved the immediate suspension of Councilor Donato “Natnat” Dumaguit for 15 days without pay and ordered him to pay a fine of P3,000, without prejudice to the initiation of proceedings against him.

Councilor Leonardo Bacquian said that the majority of councilors voted to expel Dumaguit from the municipal council, which would have to be decided and ordered by the court.

“They instructed the council secretary to avail the services of his lawyer to present the charges seeking Dumaguit’s expulsion in court,” he said.

Dumaguit had 13 unexplained absences from council sessions.

Large-scale estafa charges were filed against Dumaguit at the Negros Western Prosecutor’s Office for alleged involvement in the recruitment of 40 people, most of whom were residents of La Castellana, for jobs in the Philippine National Police for a fee.


La Castellana councilor faces suspension and removal from office

Negros Occidental Councilman Faces Charges for Police Recruitment…

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