Vocational and technical training institution, Nigeria-Korea Friendship Institute, Lokoja, Kogi State, has secured full accreditation of all its courses by the Nigerian Council for Technical Education.

The Rector of the institution, Williams Charles Oluwatoyin, revealed this on Monday during the official opening of the institution’s motor workshop to the general public.

In addition to the full accreditation of the courses, the Rector also announced a scholarship scheme for some students of the institution, funded by the Director General of Kogi State Government House, Dr. Shaibu Oricha.

“You will recall that between December 19 and 21, 2023, the delegation of the Nigerian Council for Technical Education was at our institution to carry out an accreditation exercise of all our programs.

The visitation was a reflection of my hard work and commitment to generating tangible changes under my leadership.

“We are pleased to announce to you and the entire public that NBTE has granted full accreditation to all programs at our institution.

“These programs, including the National Innovation Diploma (NID) in Computer Software Engineering, NID Welding and Fabrication, NID Network and Systems Security, NID Electrical and Electronic Engineering and NVC Automotive Mechatronics, have been accredited with effect from January 2024.

Charles said full status accreditation has prepared them to fulfill their mandate: “While this phase of our stay is over, for now until 2029, we are committed to raising the bar of academic excellence, promoting the actualization of our mission and vision, as well as our keen interest in emerging as a globally reputable and competitive professional and technical learning institute.

“We remain steadfastly unwavering and ever committed to ensuring that we eliminate emerging unemployment issues through our plans to produce highly employable and skilled professionals.”

Regarding the scholarship, the Dean said: “When I resumed, one of the main strategies we adopted was the continued advocacy of individuals cutting across traditional, religious, political and humanitarian sectors, suggesting to many of them that they sponsor young men and women from their respective localities .

“Many well-meaning people responded favorably. Very notable is the Director General of Kogi State Government House administration.

“Dr Shaibu Oricha has decided to sponsor 30 individuals in an annual scholarship scheme covering the 21 local government areas of the state.

“We want to take this opportunity to once again urge those who are in respective positions of authority and have financial clout to emulate men like Dr. Oricha and follow the path of investing in the youth for the collective good of the people of Kogi State and the nation by extension.

“Finally, we officially announce that we are opening our car workshop for use by the general public as fueling stations for their cars.

“Although the services provided would have a cost, they would be largely discounted. You can be assured of top-notch services as we have a range of internationally trained professionals and equipment.