The Kano State Government, on Wednesday, described as fraudulent an attachment nisi order of the Federal High Court that froze its account in 20 commercial banks in the country, saying the government still operates all its bank accounts.

Recall that Alhaji Awalu Sai'du, Ifeanyi Nwobodo, Alhaji Sani Uba, Alhaji Abdullahi A. Idris and 25 others sued the Kano State Government, demanding N30 billion as compensation for the demolition of their properties.

Justice IE Ekwo of the Federal High Court granted the order in a suit filed by the Incorporated Administrators of Masalachi Eid store owners and Traders Association over the demolition of their stores, which they described as an illegal action carried out by the state in June 2023 .

But the State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Haruna Dederi, who made the clarification while speaking to journalists on Wednesday, wondered how the same court from the same jurisdictions would give a sentence in Kano, “a sentence that was up to made outside of jurisdiction”. of the court”, and which was also appealed, and a similar court to issue another order on the same matter.

He said he was advised that the Kano State Government has lodged an appeal against the N30bn 'punitive and compensatory award' handed down by Justice Simon Amobeda of the Federal High Court in Kano.

“Even before the appeal, the government filed a motion asking for a stay of execution pending appeal. So how can the same court judge the same case?” Dederi said.

He stated that they filed an appeal because the Federal Supreme Court did not have jurisdiction to hear the case, since it was, firstly, the ownership of the property and all the case files were transmitted to the court of second instance.

The commissioner pointed out that it would be futile for the Supreme Court to issue any order on the matter as the case was pending in the court of appeal and would be similar to a court filing an appeal on its own decision.