Nigerian musician's wife Seun Kuti, Yetunde Kuti, revealed what his family told him at the time of his marriage decision.

In a video released by TVC Entertainment, she revealed that, in an interactive segment of the Yourviewtvc program, her family informed her that, if she marry Seun Kuti, his life would end and she would become just one of his 35 wives.

She added that her family had this perception about her husband, Seun Kuti, because of the number of wives her father, Fela Kuti, married.

Seun and Yetunde Kuti, husband and wife. source: Google

In her words, she said: “I always had the idea that I didn't want to get married, and my family hoped that I wouldn't get married, especially with Seun. I grew up with people whose marriages weren't stable and I looked at it from their perspective, and I realized that everyone has their own reasons why their marriages didn't work, and people can't just go on like that.”

“There is a sacrifice that needs to be made, but some people don’t want to make the sacrifice. My family said that my life would be over if I married Seun Kuti and that I would be just one of 35 of his wives. They said his father married many wives and that he would marry more than he did.”