Mouni Roy is one of the few Bollywood actresses who has successfully transitioned from TV to film. At the launch of the trailer for his upcoming web series Show timeMouni opened up about facing rejection and how she was typographic in glamorous roles in the industry.
“If you ask me if I was stigmatized, then yes, of course I was. But I've also been very, very lucky with directors who had the foresight to see me in different parts and roles. Emraan Hashmi says, it may be a fair industry, but I truly believe it is a very difficult industry,” Mouni Roy told News18.
Mouni he also highlighted the fact that there is no struggle without hard work and many challenges, as he believes that there is no shortcut to success, stating: “I truly believe that work begets work”.

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She further said that giving your all to every project, be it dancing or acting, people will start taking you seriously sooner or later. “That has been the only mantra of my life. If I am talking to someone, they have 100% of my attention and the rest is confetti,” Mouni added.

Talking about facing rejection in the industry, Mouni said she was told that she doesn't have the talent to become a Bollywood actress. However, she added that she holds no ill will towards the industry despite being snubbed by the makers as she is determined to move forward in her career.
This statement came when Karan Johar asked Mouni to answer a quick question about the kind of rumors she would like to spread about herself. And she replied, “One rumor I'd like to spread about myself is that I'm doing your next direction.