Almost every other One Piece fan who’s been keeping up with the anime and manga, both with over 1000 episodes and 1000 chapters, respectively, has been wondering. How Strong is Monkey D. Dragon? Why is he the most wanted criminal in the world? What kind of devil fruit does he possess? Well, we might have an answer to these questions.

It was revealed during the Impel Down arc in One Piece that Monkey D. Dragon possesses the Conqueror Haki, also known as Haoshoku Haki. His associates are strong enough to fight an admiral and survive, or on the other hand, attack Mariejois and get away without getting caught and with zero causality. He was first revealed back at Logue Town. However, he got the proper limelight from his father, Monkey D. Garp, in the Water Seven arc, and we realize how mysterious his powers have been throughout the series.

Everything we know so far about Monkey D. Dragon.

Name Monkey D. Dragon
Alias The Revolutionary
Affiliation The Revolutionary Army
Role Leader
First Appearance Chapter 100, Episode 52 (Mentioned)
D.O.B Unknown
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Devil Fruit Unconfirmed but speculated to be Wind Wind Fruit.
Haki Abilities Conqueror’s Haki (Haoshoku Haki), Armament Haki (Busoshoku Haki), Observation Kaki (Kenbunshoku Haki)
Known Abilities – Mastery of covert operations
– Abilities to control wind
– Ability to incite and lead revolutionary movements
Relationships – Father of Monkey D. Luffy (main protagonist)
– Son of Monkey D. Garp (Vice Admiral)
– Teacher of “Flame Emperor” Sabo (Chief of Staff – Revolutionary Army)
Notable Achievements – Leading the Revolutionary Army, a global organization
– Opposing the World Government and the Celestial Dragons
Personality Mysterious, charismatic, and dedicated to his cause
Backstory Unknown
Significance  “The World’s Most Dangerous Criminal.”
Quotes “In this world, nothing is so irreplaceable as a dead comrade.”
“The day someone becomes important to you is the day their life ends.”

Monkey D. Dragon Devil Fruit

As of now, we never got him showing his true powers, but it’s a matter of time until we see him using another one of his powers. As per a popular theory, his abilities can make him control the weather, and not just that, he can also create storms as per his will.

As of One Piece Chapter 1092, Monkey D. Dragon’s devil fruit is not yet officially revealed. Eiichiro Oda Sensei has kept many details about Dragon’s abilities and past shrouded in mystery, leading to much speculation and fan theories, and that is exactly why we are here.

We have two potential Devil Fruit theories for Monkey D. Dragon.

Wind Wind Fruit (Kaze Kaze no Mi) – Logia

One of the most popular theories is that Dragon possesses a Logia-type Devil Fruit that allows him to become wind, just like how Admiral Kizaru can become Light or Fleet Admiral Akainu becomes magma.

Having this Wind Wind Devil Fruit would allow him to control the wind and, through that, control the weather. We did see him create lightning to save Monkey D. Luffy in Logue Town.

This also potentially explains Dragon’s sudden appearance in Logue Town, and it goes well with his nickname, “The World’s Most Dangerous Criminal.”

Mythical Zoan-Type Devil Fruit

There is also a theory that focuses on the Mythical Zoan Azure Dragon, basically how Luffy has Hito Hito no Mi devil fruit, just like that of another mythical zoan devil fruit. This devil fruit might allow him to control the weather and generate strong winds.

Ancient Weapon Theory

Now, the last theory seems very far-fetched. It could be possible that Dragon got hold of some technology from 800 years ago, given his connection with Dr. Vegapunk. It is totally possible, as we know that Dr. Vegapunk was also behind creating Mother Flame Weapon, which destroyed an entire island in the blink of an eye.

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