HToday could be a day in the history of Moldovan football. The selection of Moldavia is measured in Czech Republic in Olomuc (20.45) and the score is clear for Serghei Clecenco’s men: if they win, they will qualify for the next Euro 2024. The Moldovan miracle could be a reality. And on this occasion, the banal adjective of miracle It’s not an exaggeration.

Moldova is three points away from qualifying for a major continental tournament, despite occupying one of the lowest places in the rankings. UEFA As for FIFA classification: It is the 157th team in the world and in Europe it is only behind Andorra, Malta, Liechtenstein, Gibraltar and San Marino on that list. And it currently occupies the best position in the last six years.

From League D… to the European Championship?

The most surprising thing about Moldova is that they are one victory away from being in the next Euro Cup, but in the Nations League they participate in League D, where the 7 worst in Europe are… and they didn’t even manage to get promoted. The tournament that serves as a salvation for many teams on their way to the main European tournament placed them in a group with Latvia, Andorra and Liechtenstein and they were left without promotion to League C due to the average number of goals against the Latvians.

A Moldovan flag during a national team matchI MISS YOUEFE

Therefore, it may happen that a team with the worst European level, both in ranking and global position in the last Nations (51 of 54 participants), will qualify for the biggest tournament on the Old Continent.

They reached their ceiling in the qualifiers against Poland. Last June, the Polish team was winning 0-2 and the Moldovans turned things around with three goals in the second half, in what became the best victory in the team’s history. Since then they have not lost a single qualifying match not even in Poland (1-1) and now they have the classification in their hands.

A legend at the controls

The miracle of Moldavia is becoming a reality thanks to the work of Sergei Clecenco, 2021 Moldova Coach and national team legend in his career as a football player (1991-2006), where he scored 11 goals in 69 international matches and is the national team’s second highest historical scorer.

Baboglo celebrates goal against Albania he left

Baboglo celebrates goal against Albania that left Moldova aliveI MISS YOUEFE

Now he has the qualification for the Euro Cup to one of the worst European teams which, in addition, is also one of the poorest countries on the Old Continent.

The miracle of Moldova, where only Nicolaescu plays for a team from the main European leagues (Heerenveen), it could happen today against the Czech Republic. Do not stop dreaming.



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